Hustle and Bustle

As a working student, working whole day, six days a week is a daily grind for me, sometimes seven days a week if my weekend reliever doesn’t show up. My daily routine job is a security guard assigned at the bicycle showroom near the public elementary school in a suburban, and during the night I am a student hoping someday graduated a course and become a store manager of this bicycle showroom I am working with. My desire to have a degree pushes me harder to continue doing my job to sustain my ambitions and dreams - sometimes I think of quitting.


Jason as I could see his student ID that was hanging around his neck is a grade-six student. This toddler peeks up at our bicycle displays a minute or two every morning then gone to school for the day. He would not miss a single day of school without stopping by at the showroom; I can give him an “A” grade if this is part of his assignment.


Jason’s face filled with exuberance every time he is staring our bicycle displays, specially the blue BMX behind the entrance door. Jason spent so much time hanging around the blue BMX up to the point that he bothered our potential customers scrutinizing our displays. Then as part of my duty, I have to check this kid up, “Hi Jason, are you planning to buy this thing, or something?” my voice echoed on the four wall of the showroom. Jason answered to me in a scary voice “sorry sir, I can’t afford right now since my saved allowance is still not enough for the BMX, maybe at the end of this school year”. I was touched and feel pity for him and said, “ok, please give way to some customers for the manager will be mad and not letting you to get inside next time.” I could felt Jason desire to ride that BMX bike for Jason is our early bird customer everyday, then after ensuring that his favourite bike still on the display, he runs his way to school catching the daily flag ceremony. For Jason as the day of school arrive, so does his stringent saving is filling up closer to his dream bike.


It was end of the month most likely people were receiving their paycheque, and they were on the buying mode, so the showroom filled with so many customers young and old bustling around checking our displays. A father of a young boy at the age of Jason dressed with tuxedo approached me for help to tie down the blue BMX hang above the ceiling of the showroom. Reluctant to be of service thinking of the poor little Jason saving his daily school allowance, probably skipping snack break today, I fallout the ladder and untie the BMX bicycle. The father was scrutinizing every details of the BMX, then I told him, “Sir, if you are looking for your kid’s bike, I suggest to have our mountain bikes its frame is more durable than BMX, however, a little bit expensive than this BMX bike, it’s designed for the rough road as well as the smooth road.” Well, it’s my son intention to have this BMX, I am not comfortable about him riding any of these bikes, but he refuses to go to school without this bike, said the prostrated loving father hostage by his son. With heavy hearts, I assisted the customer in carrying their new BMX bike to their car. That was the last customer of the day, so the showroom has closed and I supposed to go to my class, but I din not felt like studying so sleep early that night.


I was just opening the showroom’s accordion doors and windows when Jason breathlessly rushing towards the showroom as if he is able to take out the bike on that day. Jason excitement languished as he noticed that his favourite bike was not into display, the poor kid bewailing his broken dreams he walkout quickly from the showroom with so much sadness on his face- I could seen him walking not towards school but probably towards home or somewhere else.


Jason’s dream of possessing those dream BMX bike had been withered down in order to accommodate somebody’s wish, but not for next few days as I placed an order to our store for a new top of the line BMX bike.


Accomplishments, success and dreams in life are more sweaters for those people who exert inflexible desire by hard and dedication to attend it. 


frederic   frederic wrote
on 12/28/2009 5:49:16 PM
You want us to see a moral in Jason's infatuation with the BMX bike. He has not realized his ambition of owning the bike. He needs money to purchase it. Maybe it is just a matter of curiosity that he wants to keep looking at it. So, you haven't established the point clearly. Have Jason talk to the security guard so he can bring up the moral in the conversation. Otherwise, we just see a bike disappearing by way of a sale to another man. Very good effort.

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