Off The Beaten Path
My Heart goes out to them whose lives are taken at the hands of those who hate.
The world seems so full of lies, zeal disguised as fate.
My life goes on in a predictable way, I read the news of today and they say...
Off the beaten path they were found, Off the beaten path, not one sound,
the victims of today..Off the beaten path...

Then I think of those who gave, the ultimate sacrifice
Serving in a war in order to save our American way of life.
My mind has thoughts of yesterday, I read a book about D-Day.

Off the beaten path where they went...Off the beaten path they were sent,
The heroes of yesterday, Off the beaten path...

Then I think of all the grieving, and the way things used to be..
I realize, I'm only dreaming..time to get back to reality.

When those two towers came down, It is said, it was planned by a man.
after all the evidence was found, we went after him with all we can.
The hills of Afghanistan is where he fled,
 I read we're not sure if he's alive or dead.

Off the beaten path where he went, Off the beaten path we were sent
Evil on the move...Off the beaten path..

I rise up in my bed and awake, Keep thinking is it all just a dream?
I want to keep my family safe, find a secluded place along a stream,
There I will find a place to pray, I read that it's good down Appalachia way..
Off the beaten path where I'll find
Off the beaten Path..peace of mind
for a better day, Off the beaten path,
Off the beaten path, where I'll find a better the beaten path.

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This is a song that I wrote several years ago. I was listening to the radio on the moody broadcasting network and heard about 2 teenage girls who's parents were American missionaries in a country in South America. The girls were found be-headed in the bush killed by rebels for no obvious reason. It effected me for weeks and I couldn't find any other mention of this story anywhere in the news or on the web. I immediately wrote the opening lines "My heart goes out to them whose lives are taken at the hands of those who hate" Then I just kept going thinking about the killing in the name of religion "zeal disguised by fate" and continued to be a story about war and my perspective in general from an observers point of view wishing for peace. Feel free to post comments, this came from the heart without much thought or preparation, so I am curious how others may perceive it. Thank you