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Walking up to the sounds of my alarm clock going off. Told me it was 7am, and the started of my the rest of my life for the next 4 years of college. I quickly got up and got a quick shower and dressed. I had time to fix eggs and toast, the eggs where good but the toast was burned, stupid toaster, need to remind myself to get a new one. down some orange juice, stack the dishes in the sink, pick up my books and sliped on my shose. walking to school was the best part of the day. I cut though a park, it was a simple kind of part nothing like centeral park or anything just some trees, flowers, pinic tables and a path which had a few joggers, which of couse i thought was just nuts like getting up in the early morning, that should be left to the farmers, workers, and the eldery.  Unfortunately the park has a small one; I was at the other end ready to walk arcos the street to the campus. looking across the way the Campus looks like a high school but it has mini breezeways to other buildings, when your inside the school you don’t really have to be outside to get to another part of the school which was ok I guess.


I across the street and headed to build 3 which was to the left of the main building, I had two class in this building math, sciences. Who would want to take a math at 8am is just as nuts as the early morning joggers. math was only an hour but it felt like three, when it came to an end I was glad but then the smile didn't last long, has I walk down the hall and enter my science class and that was two hours divided up science lectures was first and the lap was the second half. The teacher seem to noticed the unlucky few that science is not their best subject like me when he called my name to answer question about atoms, lucky for him I know that because it was high school stuff. So I answer that the three main apart of the atoms is proton, the electron, and the neutron. He seemed pleased and moved on to the next person. Mr. Walton was his name, he look like or normal science teacher, but he look like a mess. Class seems to go quickly which was a good thing. When class was up I left the building to head to the main building I had thirty minutes to my next class which was world history that was in building two. As I headed to the main building I didn't really pay much attention to where I was going and tripped and my book went everywhere. I pick up my books, I turn around to see what I tripped over and standing there with her foot out was a  tall skinny tan girl standing there just staring at me, she had blond hair on top and dark hair underneath. This was the type of girl that would be a head cheerleader and have all the boys around her, the topical villain in a teen story. I didn't even bother much I just turn and continue to walk.


It was until I got inside the building that I noticed that I was being followed with what sounded like clicks of high heels. Just keep walking I told myself, when I enter the cafeteria a hand hit my shoulder to spin me around, "Who do you like you are?" the tall cheerleader said pissed off. “You tripped and scuffed my new heels, and you didn't even apology about it."   "Looking I’m sorry I’m just in a hurry I didn't mean to scuff up your shoes or trip." I said. she just snarl at me said "Just you watch yourself and how you talk to me neb, me and my friends own this town and this campus." but before I got a chance to answer back someone step between us I didn't get a good view but I can tell he was tall dark and handsome on this side of him. I didn't hear what he said to the group of girl but when I heard the clicks of heels walking away; I turn and started doing the same, just in case he was actually a teacher or something. I didn't get far before he was follow me to the beginning of the line to get food. “Sandy and the evil twins Rachel and Claire, they think they run this town because their fathers are rich and Claire father is headmaster at this school, just watch." before he could get another word out. "Stop I don't need anyone warning me off about some rich princess wannabe, I know how the story goes, I lived that life since I been born, I was the rich princess rule of high school, all I want is for people to stop following, stop noising in my business and just leave me alone. All I want is just to go to my classes and go home."  I didn't mean to be so rude I just prefer to be left alone it was easier that way, safe that way. “Wow you completely rude, and you’re not welcome, next time Sandy want to use you as a standing stool, I won’t be there to stop it. It’s best to have friends here in this town." before I could say anything back to him, he was already walking away. I look at my phone clock and I only had 5 minutes to get to class.

I cut through the breeze way to building 2 to my world history class was. When I got to the room everyone was already seated, and the teacher was starting class. I hurried to the only seat left, I got to my seat and noticed the person sitting next to me was the boy who "save me from Sandy," how awesome was that.  He glanced at me for a minute then opens his book, and then I noticed that three seats from him seat Sandy reading a glamour magazine, course that would make sense; she was the typed that made blonds look bad.

The teacher was talking about what he expects out of this semester and what we will be focusing on. Mr. Armstrong let us out early, but we had to do a paper on the counties and their culture. Grabbed myself and head it for the door, sandy pushed me back so she could left before I did, I quickly regain my balance but not fast enough because I hit someone elbow I turn to apology when of all people it was the boy from the next seat to me. “Told you, I'm Zack, and I didn't get yours but I'm not surprise you are a rude one." he said with humor in his eyes.
“I’m Lucinda, and I know I was really rude to you, but I was just trying to get food and be on my way to class."
I answer back.  “Lucinda that is really unusually name but very pretty, well since I hold you up would you mind if brought you lunch?"     “Maybe next time I have class in 10 minutes which I need to get to, but thank you."


Finally I got home drop my books off and turn up the stereo and head to the kitchen. I grabbed a pizza out of the freezer and throw it in the microwave. I was heading to the bedroom to change when I heard a knock at the door; hmmm I wonder who that could be? When I open the door there were two tall men were standing there with a frown on their face, all of them looks the same tall muscle man. I slammed the door and hit the panic button to slide the heavy metal door in front. I took off running grabbed the cat on my way to my bedroom and hit the other panic button to active a even heavier metal door that was made out of the same as a bank vault, no way they’re going to get through that door. I punched the speed dial to Logan Hughes friend of the family. " hey the suites found me what the hell do I do, Hughes you told me that I would be safe, that no way they would find me here." I said in a panic.
"And hello to you too, are you sure it's them Lucinda, did you active the doors?" he said coolly. “Yes tall muscle man with guns yes I'm sure it’s them." I answer badly. " look on are behind too metal doors and I will active the door in front of the bedroom then until someone comes for you, you need to calm down, ok please for me, I told you nothing is going to happen to you, Lucinda dear they can’t get to you, I'm sending Lawman to you ok just stay calm. Hughes is a friend of my fathers, he is the only one that is close to me to be my family, and even then I have to stay far away and only get to see him one a year.

darkangelstar1985   darkangelstar1985 wrote
on 3/29/2011 4:53:47 PM
this is something i started haven't finished it yet.

Short Story
writing darkangelstar1985
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