Fool Me Once....
      Didn't we learn as a nation in the 1970's from the gasoline crisis?  I remember the long lines at the gas pumps(I was only a child) and how we had to get gas on certain days depending on the numbers on your license plates. 

I was born in the late 1960's and those were tulmultuous times.In April Martin Luther King was assinated and the day I was born Robert Kennedy was assinated.    I bet the world seemed like a crazy crazy place at the time.  The racial unrest was abound in this country as well as the protests for the Vietnam war which was in full swing not to mention the feminist movement. 
 The Apollo lunar program was a big focus with NASA launching Apollo 7 and Mission goals include the first live television broadcast from orbit.   In late 1968 Richard Nixon was elected president.

  The world was a changing and scary place.  

It all depends on how we look at it.  I'm told attitude is everything and I do believe that.  We survived those turbulent times and technology has grown by leaps and bounds. We now have amazing tools of communication and the technology gets better every day.

In my humble opinion I think we missed the boat on cutting our dependence on oil for our generation and the generations to come.  We were forewarned if you will 30 years ago.  I do know of all the politics involved and the 'why' we are where we are, but shame on us. We dug this hole and allowed it to happen and now we have to live with the ramificaions; the high gas prices, which are getting higher each and everyday.
I do hope our nation and the people of our nation learn this time around.  

                                 "Fool me once Shame on you Fool me twice Shame on me."

   ~Chinese Proverb

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 9/27/2008 8:02:21 AM
... What have we learned? This nation and the rest of the world know how to be 'afraid'. Truth is dangerous in the world we live and can prove the undoing to those who 'would' exercise free will but lack the courage and moral fiber to stand up and be willing to defend what they believe. Yes... We have been deceived "Fool Me Once"... but we are not unaware of the truth. Though some of us know the truth... we do not act upon it. The events of the 60's were no 'accident' any more than the events of modern day 2008. If we are only getting 46 miles per gallon... we have been dealt a poor hand

Michele   Michele wrote
on 5/11/2008 8:14:22 PM
That time seems like yesterday: it's a year we'll never forget. I was in high school and 5 years later ran out of gas on a SoCal freeway on the way to work! Being an 'odd' license on an 'even' day was no excuse to be late! Those years in-between were scary. We went from happy-go-lucky-hippie-dippy to intense war protests to the importation of horrible heroin which made our city parks and streets unsafe forever.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/10/2008 12:01:47 AM
"Experience is the best teacher. It makes us realize we made the same mistake more than once".

danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 5/9/2008 8:39:27 PM
I drive a Prius and get 46 miles and hour. If I could/would take the lead out of my right foot I'm sure I could do better. LOL

Mike Firesmith   Mike Firesmith wrote
on 5/9/2008 8:34:43 PM
I get 30mpg, drive 55, and drive people crazy doing it, but more and more people are beginning to realize in conservation there is wisdom.

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