vampire emailer (working title) chapter 1
It was about ten in the evening. I was staring blankly at the computer screen before me. It was going through a writers block lately. It would have been ok apart from the fact that I needed to get another story out. The money I earned from my last book was beginning to dry up so I needed to try writing another one soon. From the €3000 I got form my last book, I only had €50. I should have listened to Sean from the writers club, I thought to myself miserably. He had said to the group not to write full time because the pay wasn’t good enough to live by unless the stories sold bucketfuls. Of course I didn’t listen because I thought I was good enough to become so famous that money would stop being a problem. However it turned out that getting famous in the writing industry was harder than I thought. It took me years to even get one of my stories printed and then another few years to get a book published. The book had sold ok but not enough to make me famous. It was getting harder to come up with vampires and monsters to use in my stories.

My life was pretty boring otherwise. I lived in a small apartment beside the “Old Shepherd’s pub” it was so hard to sleep at nights because of the noise from the drunkards leaving late at night. I wanted to move to somewhere better but it was all I could afford. I couldn’t even afford a bus trip. Instead I mostly had to walk everywhere. On the plus side my legs were in good shape, however it would get extremely tiring. I made up my mind to get another job.

I didn't really know where to start looking though. Maybe there would be something in the papers, I thought. I tried writing a little more. After an hour or so I looked at my watch. 11.30pm
"Well I think I can call it a day." I said out loud. I quickly checked my email before getting ready to leave.
You have one new message. The screen told me.
Probably junk mail, I thought to myself. I decided to see what it was before I got up to get food. The message was from an address I did not know. I clicked on the message and began to read:
Hello Duane, I know you don?t know me but I've read your stories and liked them. However I have to admit you seem to have the wrong view of what vampires are like. Perhaps if you wrote what we were really like your stories would be doing better than that.
From J.C
J.C? I thought to myself. Who did they think they were? I can write whatever I want. Anyway there is no such thing as vampires so there is no right or wrong view of vampires. I wrote back to them telling them to go and get a life.
I then turned the computer off. I was about to get ready for sleep when my stomach rumbled. time to get some food first, i thought. i slid my hand into my my jean pocket and took an old wrinkled fiver out. it looked like it was about to crumble in my hands. making sure i had my keys i left my apartment. there were eight apartments in total. three on the bottom floor and three on the top, with each floor having a room for washing our clothes. mine was one of the three on top. i hated it because i had to walk by the other two rooms on my way to the stairs. the people who lived in the other rooms were drug addicts. everytime i walked by they would open their doors and and start trying to get money off me. i could see the track marks running along their bare arms. as i closed my door behind me i looked down the corridor which led to the winding stair way to the bottom floor. a single bulb cast a dim light onto the corridor. it wasnt ideal light but i could still make out the corridor in fornt of me. along the walls there were nails sticking out from the wall looking like they too were trying to get away from this place. they probably used to hold pictures until either someone stole them or the landlord just never bothered to put any up. the floor wasnt carpeted, there were only dusty floor boards that creaked when you walked on them. the only color in the corridor was a lonely looking tatered rug lying just at the foor of the stairs. there was a door on either side of the corridor. i was happy to see that they were both closed. i couldnt make out any sound coming from the rooms either. i started walking quickly towards the staircase. i went a little too fast down the stairs and almost fell at one point. luckly i was able to place my hand on the banister. i wiped my hands together and watched the paint that was peeling off the banister fall to the bare white steps. the steps, like the florrboards creaked loadly under my weight. i was releived when i reached the bottom floor. i always felt scared walking up or down the steps. i always felt that they would collapse someday. there was noone living in any of the bottom rooms so i was safe to walk through to the door without meeting anyone. the cold air hit me as soon as i walked out. i pulled the hood of my plain black jumper and began the fifteen minute walk to Tesco to get a few packets of their noodles. They only cost twelve cent so they had become my main diet. By the time I got back to the house I had forgotten all about the guy or maybe even girl that had written to me. However when I sat down I began to wonder just how they had even gotten my email address in the first place. Curiosity got the better of me and I soon found myself turning my computer on and checking to see if they had replied. Even if they hadn?t I could still ask them how they got my email address, I thought to myself. If they have it they might have also given it to other people. I wasn?t in the mood to have loads of people sending me prank emails. There was one message. I thought it would be from them again. I opened the message. It wasn't from them at all though. It was just a message about how I can earn extra money by filling out surveys. In others words junkmail. Part of me was disappointed but I didn?t know why. I guessed I was just hoping to find out who they were. I turned the computer off and decided to try and sleep. I hadn't made my bed from last night and so the covers lay sprawled over the corner of the bed, part of them touching the floor. I had no curtains in my room so I just had to hope that there were no sudden bright lights outside while sleeping. I closed the blue door that connected my room to the kitchen and lay down on the mattress that was acting as a bed until I could afford a proper bed. Soon the sandman had me in his grasp and the darkness closed in around me.

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i have sixteen chapters done so far, so im hoping to finish it soon