Unrepentant Miners

Unrepentant Miners



I look out over what should have been viridian fields

Where daisy and dandelions

Found their picturesque beauty

Wild and free


I felt the meadow of summer skies

Lay their heads beneath your bare feet

To kiss at your ankles with their secrets

Wild and free


I saw the written verses

Your laughter in April dales of rain

Beneath a willow tree you came to me

Wild and free


I heard you dance on dewdrops

From gentle hills to mountain heights

You pirouette in my eyes

Pirate of my sighs

Wild and free

…………………..but the wealth of your heart

is a treasured prize

to another gluttonous search for gold

unrepentant miners gouge

excavate your beauty

to an open cast

terraces dug deeper than the scars


and though it hurts to see

your dream piled like so much unwanted earth

still given time

in your own clouds of love

those bright yellow flowers

lift up the heads again


but still they search for the precious of you

they couldn’t see and never will

they claw at your soul

for riches they just can’t understand

and think a balm of shovelling it all back

you might grow again for them


they just don’t know that the dusty roads

have trampled you there


Wild and free


I touched the meads of winter skies

Lay their icicles beneath your feet

To kiss on your eyes with their secrets

Wild and free


I saw the unwritten pages

Your joy in the hidden streams

There beneath the willow tree when you came to me

Wild and free


And I watched you sing with lightning

From the echoed prowess of your storm

You dazzle in my eyes

The sweet pirate of my sighs

Wild and free

…………………………..but to them your heart is a mine

open and cast with the scars

they are just too greedy to see

they think in the fields

where your treasures dwell

just iron and steel to build their world

and leave you a pit

to get on with your life

any way you can


I look out over your verdant fields

Where daisy and dandelions fall like gems

Found their prophetic serenity

Wild and free







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5/20/2009 12:00:00 AM
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