Spain in Rain Falls

Spain in Rain Falls


There’s something different

About the rain in Spain

And being an English man

And well versed in rainfall

I should know a thing or two

About rain


It still falls horizontal

Occasionally with a side to side wiggle

But it seems to land with a different splatter

And the ringlet pools in puddles

Seem to matter



The thrumping, drumming trickles and rivers

Have an alternate way

Of running down the road side gutters

And there is a coastal tinkle

In expanses formed by the space of sea

So close to the sky grey


People do not rush in the rain

They understand this brief refreshment

And draw it in through sun-baked pores

Drink it in on dry parched throats

Many weeks may pass before its cool embellishment

Returns to break the dusty heat


Its almost as if you can hear the dry ground soaking

Drinking, shlurping, on the straws of greedy roots

And every leaf is a green extended tongue

With closed eyes savours the feel of water

As it plinkers and splotters

Leaping in sprays off their wet leafy diving boards


And the mood seems slowed, patient, waiting

And every where you go there is a warm glow of unspoken appreciating

Smiling; the clouds do not feel heavy

And the sky still reflects its blue

And the rain is there just reminding you

Of the long days of desiccant sun yet to come


The all is basking, washing under arm nooks and niches

Where the dusty days have gathered

Everything is stretching revitalized as if from a weary sleep

Shaking and rattling with incessant drips and drops

Sounds like laughter echoed from a thousand swimming pools

Repeated by every blade of grass

Even ones eyes are relieved from straining

The blanket droplet laden cotton sky

Hangs a shade of diffuse balm on ones retina

Instead of squinting in sunglass bright glaring

Can see the deeper hues of dampened colour

Crisp, clean pervades

With a slow unencumbered sense of peace


Yes, there is something different

In the rain, in Spain

Something expansive, more spiritually deliberative

And being an Englishman hailing from that bleak raining land

Am well versed in all the aspects of water-fall

I should know a thing or two

About rain








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5/19/2009 12:00:00 AM
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