Head in a Bucket

Head in a Bucket


Somebody is responsible for all this

This global economical terrorism

Effects directly our own quiet peaceful lives

We are being controlled


Are we aware of this


As we chomp away in our plastic bucket

Scoffing our fill on lifestyled adverts

Eating our way through

All the things we can’t do with without with


Television generation of fashions dictation

Of empty stomachs

Selling every inch of perfection and heaven

For the money we just can’t afford


Bought and sold back to ourselves


While we listen to excuses

From faceless faces

Whose spiel of propaganda-ites

Lays out their dysfunctional lies of truth


They give horses a noses bag of dry grain to chew on


Stuff and nonsense

If you, or we, or I, should ever think as an individual

They will roll out death from its dark and rotting catacomb

And scare the shit out of you, or we, or me


Humanoid head in a bucket


While our future is bartered by someone

For the things we already own

And this the vox populi finds its demon

Discovers its own voice in a reality show


Do we really need all this

Or have we become so immured of the techno-bubble bullshit

That the very meaning of life and living

Has been reduced to acquiring the latest trend


Head in a bucket

In a feeding trough frenzy of having to have

And can’t do without

All the pampered squealings of piglets


Our consent of ridicule is taken for granted


We are the bricks inside someone else’s billion dollar palace

We are traded by a consensus of avarice

We are fooled, it seems, constantly, by a plastic bucket


Consider if you will, the ludicrousness of a gold plated toilet

Or a diamond encrusted mobile phone

Such squander and abuse of wealth

Should be globally; illegal


Consider if you will, a bloated and malnourished child

Or the medicines you cannot afford

Such squander and abuse of life

Is by the money, made; acceptable


Somebody is responsible for all this


This global economic terrorism


Head in a bucket
































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5/20/2009 12:00:00 AM
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