Easy Practitioners of Another Voodoo


Easy Practitioners of Another Voodoo


While I was counting the cost of steak

And while depressed about her over weight

He was counting grains of rice

She was forced into a life of vice


And while the self righteous contemplate

Judgement day is a “next” meal “day” maybe “today” ( to late )

And the Judicial reprimands of “Burning Hell” are made

In the easy sanctimonious litany wealth


Bigots of the easy excuse

Sticking pins in those who have “no choice”

Easy practitioners of another voodoo

With punching high hand and waving bible


And while my tiny world revolves on petrol

And my tiny mind rumbles counting cholesterol

Their tiny portion evolves with racism

Their tiny lives end in starvation


This western ideology of comfortable supremacy

In this augmented and cosseted luxury

Of billable hours and ever enhanced entertainment

You sit back, just relax, and wait for the “Judgement”

Of voting and squabbling over opinion

While children “die” of malnutrition

And as my fast burger gravitates to the better bigger

It gives me the blind ignorant swagger

Of a bully in a play pen


Ignorant fool of devotion

Voodoo representative of a “Jezebel” nation

Indoctrination of the “money” dogma

Is our only inkling of our own propaganda


What dirt ? What Sorrow ? By life have we suffered

Have our hands buried children we Mothered and Fathered

Or have we forgotten how to identify

“And there, but for the grace of “God” go, “ I ”


While I was deducting the account of living

They were drawing water and smiling

And the pious sat back waiting for “Divine Wrath”

But those people knew what their water was worth


Easy practitioners of another voodoo

Sticking pins through the bible

Into those who have “no choice”

Bigots of the easy excuse


























StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/21/2009 4:51:03 AM
You come with so many points and express them in unique ways that made me stop and think. The voodoo that we are all exposed to daily...just how powerful it is in our lives. And how much of it is in our minds.

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writing cmwilliams
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