first draft "stock your ammo up"
  i went through hell in ninety seven , then opened up my eyes to realize that there is a heaven. from alpha to omega, i'm visualizing first stages of armageddon, and stepping forth a new man. old skin i've been sheddin. i've peeled back my epidermis, fuck the law and those who serve it. they ignite my piolet light, that burns in my inter furness, that is buried in my soul. as my destiny unfolds, i'll grab the rains and take a hold try to gain some control of the future. this conglomeration, this presentation, is a lyrical explanation, a foundation of education, about the world. i've scored the globe, bounce back reload, my sixth sense predicts monuments before they explode. the UN is like a web, interlocked tightly sewed. ought to peep this rap before you wind up in there trap. i know i'm tired of doing crime to find an institution, i've got to speak my mind my rhymes my contribution. my third eye sees no solitary solution, so stock your ammo up its time for a revolution, so stock your ammo up its time for a revolution.[hook]  in this infinite universe, i know we can't be stranded, we're told to many lies and its no surprise, that aliens have landed. we never fight for our rights, we take life for granted, we are living in hell and i know god didn't plain it. about to go where no mans gone before. already rallied up the team we're prepared for this war. examine the whole region, dispatch the top legion, a combining of the seasons, will be the first reason. start with interrogations, of the powers of the nation, members of the free mason, now what is the known relation. a present day combination, of prophesies and revelation predicts a third antichrist to be biblically precise. a marriage emerges through US politics. to a well known enemy of middle eastern conflicts. new attempts to bomb us, predictions by nostradamus. twenty years of war, brought on and what for. two decades of man will return to the soil. millions of troops will die for the fight over oil. but it is all as well, show me a draft and i'll dodge, cause ain't shit you can do with a man brain washed. almost joined there squad. said they put there trust in god. was going to be all i could be, until i seen the penitentiary. locked down for these laws, put my life on pause, only thing it made me was a rebel for the cause. convicted felon outlaw. soon to be recognized with an image they will despise. come camouflaged foolproof organized with a disguise, there can be no compromise. a single credit card system. total access to your life is what it gives them. not to mention surgical implants of computer enhancement micro chips, bar code is in your skin, no need for fingerprints. the governments hand it slowly grips, suffocating its own people, until it finally rips, through the constitution and democracy its based on. no need to worry about kevlar or teflon. it only takes one button to launch an atom bomb. we most thrive to be educated, while also remaining calm. there will be no more ozone, once the nuclear war is on. and once the atomic bomb drops, the whole face of the world stops. now that a two thousand year has been recorded, the life we take for granted will be aborted.civilization shall be sorted....from the samaritan to the criminal. until now this message was subliminal. a split division from the money and the power. the new world order gets closer ever hour. in my visions this is what i saw, the enactment of constitutional marshal law. a rule temporary by authority in the military, over civilization simply to control the population. to much carbon monoxide from lack of vegetation. world wide genocide brought on by the free mason

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on 4/23/2009 12:27:27 PM

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A wise man sees failure as progress
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i wrote this in 1997, it is a mouthfull. around a 100 bars. i just wanted to post this for awhile. i plan to dismantle it, update it