Right to bare arms

  this is possession of knowledge with the intent to distribute
and this is a tribute to all the trials and tribulations
everything that i've been through
   lord knows the evil that men do
and i laugh if asked, "do you need that gat to defend you?"
 well hell yeah, i talk to my guns in first person
because i'm sick of hurtin. tired of strugglin thats for certain
  no stranger to aimin at pictures of my youth and birth and
sometimes i dream i squeeze the trigger until my fingers hurtin
  until no ones left but me and the end of the barrel is burnin
this scheme i dream goes out to whom and who it is concernin
   i'm gonna live illegal till the day they close my curtin
because i'm hard, covered in tattoos and scars
   my destiny is go out in a blaze or spend my days
playing spades behind bars
   known to set the deck and put the wheels on the car
i'm not a wigger or redneck, just a hardheaded retard
   because even on probation i'm still splittin cigars
keep clean urine in the frig behind the milk in a jar
   still movin ounces of shards and poppin footballs and bars
just don't expect a pay check, cause i can't hold down a job
   you take my right to bare arms i'll hold you up with my s.o.g.
i'll do it all on g.p. leaving pockets unrobbed
   and chop the thumbs off a thief and bring him closer to god
[hook]- no one knows the complications of the next mans mind
   so when you probe the inside beware of what you might find
every man has his own laws own set of guild lines
  can't judge a book by its cover you've got to read between the lines-

MikeMoon   MikeMoon wrote
on 5/28/2008 8:46:48 AM
this is very good my brother...nice work.

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A wise man sees failure as progress
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i wrote this in 2003. a lot has happened. it has been a long five years, but i still like it
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