Mr Ketchup is greeted with flies his dinner
Mr Ketchup eyes slowly glazed in horror at the slight of a black flies. swimming like acrobats in his gravy. "Waiter I think their is a horrible black fly swimming around in my gravy." "Oh Dear Replied the Waiter" He went away to speak with the hotel manager Who was utterly horrified. " I do apologize Mr Ketchup we seem to be having a problem with a plague of flies lately." " That is no excuse I want a full explanation from your health and safety manager." Oh bother I will just have to go hungry for now. Later on Mr Ketchup bumped into Ruby the Rude Raspberry. " Why is your belly rumbling Mr Ketchup.?" Well you see it all began like this and so He told his friend Ruby the Red Raspberry the whole story........... "Let's see if the baker shop has some nice cheese sandwiches and some currant buns and Oh what about these chocolate cream cakes too said Ruby the Red Raspberry." "No thanks I better be getting back home groaned Mr Ketchup Or Sweet potato Face will be sending out a search party for me." "Oh well that's a pity Maybe next time She frowned." Mr Ketchup Hurried home as fast as his wee legs would take him. " Is that You Mr Ketchup.? "Yes Sweet Potato Face sighed Mr Ketchup." "Where have you been She cried i have been so worried.?" "I an sorry so my sweet I went for lunch with haggis and what a day we had." "I was served up a roast chicken dinner and floating in my gravy were ten flies and I complained to the waiter, and he went to fetch the hotel manager who came through and apologized to myself and Haggis. And promised us a free lunch and a overnight stay for two in another Hotel of our choice said Mr Ketchup." "Oh MR Ketchup this is so wonderful we could use it to visit my Dear Old Auntie Faggot maybe this Saturday coming what do you think.? Oh Bother he thought this is most inconvenient I have a football match that week and I will be so busy training I will be completely fit for the knacker yard. "We will see dear I will have to check my diary first. Little did he know what he was letting himself in for.. Oh Happy Days.......Mr Ketchup.....

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Children's Stories
Ages 4-8
writing citylife17
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