Poor old Mr Ketchup " Mr Ketchup woke up this morning rather early and he was so excited about his shopping trip to Yellow market. He'd been saving all his pennies for weeks, Mr Ketchup sighed loudly oh Were did I put my piggy bank, he grunted,that's torn it now if I don't find it now bang goes my trip to Yellow market and the bus is arriving shortly at twenty minutes past eleven. Oh I'd better get a move on, ten minutes later and Mr ketchup had pulled the whole cupboard apart, What a mess lying slumped on the floor were all his odd boots and shoes most of them had holes in them and the rest didn't match. Oh Poor Old Mr Ketchup He seemed to be in a right old muddle. Their wasn't room to swing a cat. Sweet Potato Face Have you seen my piggy bank.? " Yes Dear I locked away in the cupboard for safety in case you........ Couldn't find it." "Oh Bother I'd wish .........Oh it doesn't matter just hurry up the bus will be here to take us to yellow market." "Okay husband I am coming.!" Quickly they both hurried and Mr Ketchup slammed the door right on the cats tail....... Meow whimpered the cat Oh hurry up He yelled.... Sometimes Mr Ketchup could be a bit unkind to his cat. and he often got into trouble from His other half for being unkind.... Bump-tie bump over puddles of water, Suddenly the bus made this funny hissing sound and thick black smoke poured out of the radiator and everybody had to be evacuated from the bus. " Oh what a nuisance he wailed we will just have to walk the rest of the way he moaned." " Mr Ketchup its not the end of the world said Sweet Potato Face its only a quarter of a mile and besides it will be worth it." About an hour later they both arrived soaked at Yellow market and Mr Ketchup looked like a drowned rat,"Don't you think that it would be a good idea to get dried off somewhere first Ketchup She said I do feel father cold after walking my coat is soaked." Okay then but we need to hurry or I won't.................. Soon they where supping their tea and eating a ham and cheese pickle sandwich.....When they had both finished off they went to the store, for some new wellington boots and oh my the colours were so bright... "Which ones do you like.? "I like the pink ones with the yellow spots He replied and the raincoat to match." . Oh well they do look rather bright but I really like them please let me try them on he said rather loudly." Firstly he tried on the raincoat and then the boots and O dear he never noticed his old boot Poor Mr Ketchup went flying in the air and landed on top of the manager he looked rather cross at Mr Ketchup. But soon he began to feel so sorry for Mr Ketchup That He couldn't help but noticed his pink spotted wellington boots and wondered why on earth would he want to buy them for himself normally ladies came into the store to buy the pinks ones not men. Oh well everyone has there own taste I guess he thought.... Mr Ketchup was looking rather bewildered at the store assistant .. Oh Sweet Potato Face let's take these and we will be on our way. The sales assistant packed the wellington boots away in the box. and wrapped up the pink raincoat to match in brown paper with a pink ribbon. O My goodness do you really think Mr Ketchup was loosing his marbles. Well I am not so sure about that are you.?

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Children's Stories
Ages 9-12
writing citylife17
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