A Miracle No Longer Seen

Man has lost his humanity,

There upon changing his destiny,

What was God like,

 Now becomes a dark entity.



With a gift loaned to us from above,

Man has taken unjust,

The splendors of a world once filled with love,

Are being stripped by greed and lust.


Has man forgotten that this is Gods planet?

An Eden to have been shared and tasted,

Leaving it as it was meant,

Not a world of torment.


Sometimes at night I can hear God sigh,

“I want my world back” and wish I could reply,

“I do too”, but can only cry,

As I imagine a tear fall from his eye.


Being called ‘Children of God’ has done our egos proud,

Making us think we can do better with his hallowed ground,

As we hold homage to its destruction like baying hounds,

Never taking the time to see or hear how foolish we sound.


God’s green earth is a miracle we no longer see,

As fuel and money become our main need,

Forgetting another Child of God out of greed,

Simply because we’ll be damned to give something for free.


We no longer see the miracle we used to be,

Made to be what only our faith has seen,

Stirring the hearts of us who can still see,

A robed figure walking on a sea of his own tears,

Still loving children who have forgotten to believe.




July 19, 2008

@Bradley S. Hartman


BlueIris   BlueIris wrote
on 10/6/2008 11:18:33 PM
I really like the last two lines.

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 10/4/2008 5:53:50 PM
"We no longer see the miracle we used to be"... as an image of God in eternity... blind by the dark that surrounds you and me... enslaved by a greed we refuse to set free. We have chosen greed over freedom, darkness over humanity, selfishness over charity... and in the end, we die having more of 'less'

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As our society becomes more enamored with its material gains, we are finding ourselves getting farther and farther away from seeing the miracles in this life. A perfect example is the planet that has been loaned to us by God and how we are destroying it to meet needs that will eventually become our demise.
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