A Fleeting Swiftness

With A Fleeting Sweetness,

Time Leaves Us With A Longing Sadness,

Full Of Desires For Dreams Unsaid,

Longing For Days Gone By,

Warm As A Sunday Mornings Unmade Bed.


With Time That Seems To Never Have An End,

We Tend To Reach That Bend,

Where Adulthood Blends,

The Here And Now, With Thoughts Of Then.


With A Fear That Scares Deep Within,

Our First Glimpse Of Time Given,

Seen As A Span For Living,

Leaving Us Cold And Shaking.


All That Time, We Were Invincible,

Now Wise With An Age That Is Inconceivable,

We Realize That Our Time Is Irretrievable,

Too Short For All The Heart Holds Desirable.


Where Has It Gone,

This Time, That Once Seemed So Long,

Now Filled With Memories,

That You Can Recollect From Old Love Songs.


With Friends And Family,

Our Lives Fill With A Warm Embrace,

Full Of Love And Beauty, Until Finally,

It’s The End Of The Race.



January 8, 2002

@Bradley S. Hartman



This poem appears in the upcoming novel: U. S. Avengers II/ A Cut Above, by the same author as this poem; Bradley S. Hartman.  It was also sent out July 5, 2002 to The International Library of Poetry and appears on their web-site at www.poetry.com



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This is about the way time seems so eternal yet goes by before you know it. When young, we assume it'll be forever before we reach the end of the road and therefore we put off everything until tomorrow including the much needed hugs, love and support of being a parent and child. Then one day you wake up and realized that all those tomorrows have past and you've forgotten all those things you've meant to do. Don't live for tomorrows, live for today and tell those you care that you really do.
A Word from the Writer
This poem will appear in the upcoming sequel to my novel U.S. Avengers called what else? U.S. Avengers; A Cut Above
Published Date
7/5/2002 12:00:00 AM
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USA International Library of Poetry web-site
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