Watery Grave by RMSackville

Watery Grave

By:  R.M.Sackville


Since receiving the phone call last night, Kyle’s world had turned upside down.  He remembered exactly how he felt when he heard the news of his son’s death.  He could still feel the pain twenty-four hours later. 

Now as he and his investigative team worked feverishly on the evidence, he wondered just what had happened.  Was his ex wife’s explanation of the events good enough for him?  No, he knew it wasn’t and until he got to the bottom of what happened, no answer would be.

Standing in the bathroom, Kyle stared numbly at the bathtub.  The water his son had been found in had been drained, his son’s lifeless body removed.  Kyle tried to avert his eyes from his son’s final resting place, but he could not.  His mind played over what he thought would have been his son’s last few minutes.

Struggling and fighting for his life beneath the strong, malevolent arms of his assailant.  His eyes bulged as he fought to surface for air.  He cried and pleaded but no one could hear him and then with his last breath of water he wondered why.

Kyle closed his eyes and shook his head.  From the bedroom he could hear his ex wife’s sobs yet they did not make him want to console her.  If anything he felt her tears and explanation were staged.  Why would a stranger enter her home and drown their seven year old son?  What would the motive be?  The house was not ransacked and his ex wife had not been assaulted. 

To Kyle, this scenario did not make sense.  Kyle opened his eyes and turned from the room.  Without stopping to see Katie, he walked down the stairs to the main floor and out the front door. 

Kyle drove home where he stayed waiting for the next phone call, the one stating his ex wife had been arrested for their son’s murder. Before long, the phone rang.  Kyle picked up the receiver and without speaking a word he listened to Lieutenant Sandros.

“Kyle,” he began.  “First off let me please send my condolences to you and your family.”

“Just get to it,” Kyle snapped.

His kind nature and passive self had drowned alongside his son the night before.

“After going over the crime scene and speaking with the coroner, we have found no evidence that implicates your wife.”

“Ex,” Kyle spat out.

“Sorry, Ex,” Sandros confirmed.

Kyle fumed with anger.  Slamming the phone down, he stomped out of his house.  He knew Katie was lying, he knew how much she had tried to push Kyle to take Kenny, how much she spoke of not wanting children.  Kyle had left Katie for these exact reasons but never thought she would take it to the point she had.

Kyle parked in front of his ex’s house and stared angrily through the windows.  He watched Katie walking from the kitchen to the living room.  Why was she allowed to roam around while his son lay lifeless on a coroners table?

“Kyle,” Katie gasped as she watched him enter through the front door.

Kyle did not respond, instead he walked up the stairs to the bathroom.  Glancing briefly at the empty tub, he slipped the stopper in the drain and began to fill it. 

Behind him Katie’s voice sounded.

“Kyle, what….what are you doing?”

Kyle did not respond.  Instead, he stared wide eyed into the rising water.  Little Kenny’s face showed in the ripples, tearing at his heart.  Once the water was at the perfect height, Kyle turned the taps off and stood up.

An empty feeling surged through his body as he turned around to face Katie.

“Kyle,” she cried—tears flowing freely down her cheeks.

Kyle did not respond as he opened up his arms, inviting her in. his embrace.

“Oh Kyle, I’m so sorry,” she cried as she ran into his arms.

Kyle closed his arms around her as memories of their life together rushed through his mind.

Before Katie could pull from his grasp, he whipped around and threw her into the awaiting water.  Immediately he used all his strength to push her head under the water.  Staring into her terrified, wide eyes he held her shoulders down on the bottom of the tub.  She flailed her arms and legs and scratched at any available flesh she could find.

“This is for Kenny,” he hollered at her.

She tried to shake her head, but she could barely move as she took her last breath of water.

As her arms and legs dropped, Kyle released his grip on her.  Before turning away, he took one last glimpse of the woman who had taken his son.  Turning in place, he came face to face with a masked man.  Kyle jumped.

“Looks like you finished what I’d started,” the man said as he chuckled.

Kyle was speechless. 

Before Kyle could react, the masked man overpowered him and pulled him to the tub.  Kyle fought, kicked and screamed to no avail.  Before he knew it, his head was underwater, his eyes staring into Katie’s empty gaze.  It was then that Kyle realized Katie had been telling the truth.  She had not been the one who killed their son.

Kyle struggle and fought for his life beneath the strong, malevolent arms of his assailant.  His eyes bulged as he fought to surface for air.  He cried and pleaded but no one could hear him and with his last breath of water he wondered why…..why his family?

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When faced with the death of your child, what would you do to make things right.
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