Brown and Bare

Brown and Bare


I saw you

brown leg sitting

                Indian style, barefoot on that horrid orange carpet,

talking about favorite colors,

where you were from,

hobbies and mountains,

and me,

I sat beside you hopeful

                                on that first day of college—

awestruck and a virgin to it all.


I, my eyes skipped up

your brown body

and planned later

while I tricked you into touching

the wings on my leg.


“Bobbi the Butterfly”

I giggled during the icebreaker

and you—

“Mike the Mongoose”

curved those berry lips at me,

dimpling in each red corner.


Fingers pickin’ that orange carpet,

my toes and yours,

barefoot and brown,

and later but not much

a nervous laugh

and some pictures.


You forgot my number and didn’t call.

Back in class and a look.

Again you followed.

A hand on my face


& right in front of those open blinds.

What would the boys in Frank think?

And through the beaded curtain

on the bed

--your body—brown

and kissing.

Oh, and kissing.

And thinking how to break my boyfriend,

and his heart, for you—


whisked me into your world,

brown paneled & musky,

but I kept my shoes in the car,

lived out of a book bag,

until we both realized

there were more bras & panties in your room

than boxers and Biology books.


And somehow we were dating.

Shy & timid, I

and high, intensity

and moments

that we still talk about.

Oh, those moments.


Our brains snack

while our bodies feast,

together we feed

until one is not hungry.


Except you’re hungry for life & adventure

& trees will always be cooler

while your Bobbi girl wilts as she tries

to show you the way of faeries

& tales & school girl ideals

that will once upon a time

a long time from now

allow me & you & us

to frolic in that painted girlhood dream

of happily ever after

& marriage

& a house on our mountain

in some cold country with hikes

& adventure & our doggy & peace.


Because I believe in fairy tales.

Because I believe in you.

Because I believe in us,

& the power of brown & barefooted,

running together.


1999  Boone, NC

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 3/29/2009 11:08:49 PM
What imagery and emotion. I like the descriptions you used here, especially " The brain snacks while our bodies feast". So very true when love/sex enters the picture.

Free Verse
writing bfaulkner
Toward what city will I travel? What wild houses do I go to occupy? What vagrant rooms and streets and lights in the long night urge my expectation?...Allen Ginsberg 1954: "Siesta in Xbalba"
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