Which One?
Who? "super-hero" What? "pool" Where? "The Beach"

"Yeah, look, I know my first emergency just came,  but I already need time off" Jack Lan ALWAYS needed a break. He was the lazy sort who got tired of everything. Not to mention he just put off his FIRST (and probaly last) super-hero emergency, just for a "well-earned" break he said. Pippin, on the other hand, was a woman who was NOT flexible, and she always had her way work out. But not with Jack. "Yes, but Mr. Lan, if you do this, word will get out. We'll have to sh......" Jack hung up. He was on his way to the Bahamas.

He flew through the sunny, warm sky. Which one, the ocean or the pool? The pool has no salty water, but it does get crowded. The ocean has all those beautiful waves and animals, but the salt does get to you. He decided to open up a pool on the beach. Then he could make some green stuff. ($$$) "Alright Mr.......... Smith. I know a pool takes time to deliver, but I need it NOW. PRONTO. ASAP." "Fine, but only this once will we give you the super-hero discount AND the best pool we have." But by the time he finished, a stack of money was on the counter and Jack was already setting up the pool on the beach.

"20 dollars for a 20 minute swim." Everybody started clearing out of the beach fast. He knew it was a bad idea from the start. Like anyone would want to swim in a pool at a beach while most probaly have one. He could see a blur coming closer and closer still towards him. Crap he thought public buisnesses are not allowed on the beach. A ranger in swimming trunks stepped off the muddy forwheeler. "Yeah, so, what do you think ya' doin'?" He had a thick country/cowboy accent. "Umm... setting up a pool, obviously." With a hand as fast as lightning he turned on his forwheeler, rammed it into the pool, water flowing everywhere. "Sorry, man, but those ARE the rules." Then he drove off. Well, I SUPPOSE I can do marathons. After all, what's the harm of riding a bike during one? He set off to New York, where a marathon was about to be run.

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Is Jack Lan a true hero?
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