Why Did You Leave Us
Why Did You Have To Leave Us
Why did you have to leave us
Was there no other way
Now your light has stopped shining
And this pain will stay with me every day
How do I keep the memories with me
Of holding you so tight
When my arms are now eerily empty
And I can’t whisper to you “goodnight”
I gave birth to you my child
I tried to protect you as mothers do
Was there more that I could have done
To stop what you were going through
Was I too engrossed in my own world
That I was unable to see your pain
I just did not know this would happen
And that I would never speak with you again
Ohh what I would now give
To be able to undo what is done
To see your beautiful face again
Each day with the rising sun
I will never again hear your laughter
Or see your smile light up your eyes
I will never get to see you hold your children
Or watch your father walk you up the aisle
I will never again get to tell you how I love you
How you brought so much joy into our life
How proud I was of you my daughter
In times of joy and also times of strife
Your life held so much promise
Was it not there for you to see
Though now they are only dreams you had
As we are faced with the truth of reality
You have gone but you have not completely left us
Time will never really tear us apart
You will never be forgotten
For you are forever in our hearts.
Why Did You Leave Us © Denise Mangano 3 March 2008

Warriorprincess55   Warriorprincess55 wrote
on 8/11/2008 12:18:49 PM
Dee, beautifully written for your friend! My heart goes out to the family. Yes, there are too many young people who feel as you said.... "that is eaiser to die than to keep living." We never know what goes through a person's mind to make them feel this way, especially our children. Yet, we also know that life can sometimes be so overwhelming to even us adults, that we too can fall into the depth's of despair. I'm sure that you told your friend that there is no place for blame - one way or the other. Again, very well written with depth, love and emotion.

Tiny   Tiny wrote
on 7/22/2008 7:10:29 PM
When I saw the title of your poem I got a lump in my throat. I asked myself if I really wanted to read this. I have lost my sister ,but not to suicide, it brought back memories but I am glad I did read it . Your friend is lucky to have you by her side.

writing aussiedee
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This was written for a friend of a friend, who lost her teenage daughter to suicide. So many of our young people are dying by suicide and so often we do not know why they decide that dying is so much easier than living. Those left behind must try to find answers to questions that they may never find true answers to. I know that on this day, after I got home from work, I hugged my teenage daughter close and told her that I loved her and she would always have that love. I pray that she will never feel that life is too hard to live.
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