A Nation In Mourning

  A Nation in Mourning
Today is a day we will long remember
Things will never again be the same
The face of America changed forever
Do we know truly who is to blame?
Blame for the tragic endings
Caused by planes being hijacked in the sky
They were used to destroy American landmarks
They were used to take men, women and children’s lives
Despair is seen all around this great country
Fear is felt so tangibly in the air
Will we ever feel safe and secure again
Has our hope been taken over by despair?
There are many messages of condolence
Sent from countries all around the world
As tears fall from stunned faces
American flags are slowly unfurled
These are the flags that will cover the coffins
Of those that are the victims of this crime
Innocence has now been destroyed
It can never be repaired, even by time
Can we learn to let go of the anger
Or is this the beginning of another world war
Can peace be found among the turmoil?
That is being felt from shore to shore
Tomorrow is a brand new day
Though this great land will continue to mourn
Let survivors be found amongst the devastation
With the coming of the dawn.
Let us all pray for peace in the world now
As we offer prayers for those that have died
We must comfort those that are in mourning
Help to dry the tears that they have cried
When the dust does finally settle
Over the changed Manhattan skyline
We know the courage of all Americans
Will once again come forth and shine
The land of the free.
A nation in mourning   © Denise Mangano September 12th  2001

ethommo   ethommo wrote
on 7/18/2008 3:18:26 AM
This is another poem that can be easily understood. Very good writing once again.

writing aussiedee
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This poem was written the day after these events occured. Though I was here in Australia, the horror of what had happened had reached out and touched all of us around the world. My thoughts still go out to all those who lost loved ones, and to those who continue to suffer and fight for the right of "freedom".
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