I meant not merely to exist this way
To live to see the day your heart would give away
To watch you sink
You talk of walls
I dream of lakes
If I could gaze out over the waves
lapping within the confines of this frigid place
to find an honest way to be in love with you
I would
I would wash away the crushing stones placed upon your feet
I would love you with a fury oceans only live to see
I would keep you till my hour last
the hour upon which
rest would take instead of you
my breath away
I would never bend
I would never break
Make no mistake
If I could wake up here today clean and new again
Than I would not forsake you
But drown myself there in your stead

It has been so long now
Love, it has been so cold without you here
And I am frozen
I am numb
I am week and I have none to give you now but dreams
This journey's stolen breath from me
And I am tiered now
You see
I have fallen deep as well
I dream of lakes!
Pure and sweet and fresh
With blues and greens and browns surrounding me
I dream of waves
Perpetual and free to be so
You talk of walls
I dream of lakes
I mean not merely to exist this way.

Jenniffer Jude Slachtovsky

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Free Verse
writing augustwidow
My life is just a bit of words
Do I get this from watching birds?
In this sentance
Far away
I'll come again another day
While the snow falls down on me
I'll rest in peace and harmony

Jenniffer Jude Slachtovsky - 10 Yrs. old
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There is such a conflict between two people who love one another, opposites attract they say and when you have two strong willed people trying to love one another often times they but heads. I love a good debate, I love to have conversations with people about life, about love, about people and places and things... I think this poem is about that sort of confliction, a conflict between two lovers who want to be near to eachother but are stubbon enough to keep distant at the same time and for no other reason than because they are not the same, but in longing to be conected with one another they often feel as though they are. Who convinces who of what? Who makes forever out of one single day? Can they stand that test, the test of time?
Published Date
5/1/2008 12:00:00 AM
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