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Thearticle will look at a summary from the sources introduced to us inclass and tentatively discuss various aspects of slavery and how theylived. The main topic that the article shall address is the type offood that slaves ate. The three sources that have been referred to infinding out about the life of slaves are: The narrative of the lifeof Frederick Douglass, Narrative of Events in the Life of WilliamGreen, and Repository of Primary Documents about Slavery.

Thefood that Slaves Ate

NicholasBoston in his article on Slavery and the making of America writesthat there were two types of slaves, the house slaves and theplantation slaves. The two groups of slaves tended to have differentwork conditions however they still shared similar meals althoughhouse slaves were at a better position to smuggle better food whichtheir masters partook of. Furthermore the different slave positionsprovided different conditions for the type of clothing received,shelter, hazards encountered and the quality of food.

Slavesusually received food rations from their masters such as cornmeal, asmall portion of meat, molasses, peas, flour and greens. The slaveswere able to receive fresh produce from small gardens however it wasbased on whether their masters allowed them to have the gardens inthe first place

Mealswere usually prepared by an old man or woman who could no longer goto the plantation. They usually had their breakfast in their cabins.It has been said that most of the time slaves partook of leftoversand also would eat meat from parts of an animal which their mastersdid not feed on. These included such parts as pig’s feet, chickennecks and backs, chicken feet, cow’s tongue and others.

Slaveswere also known to cook a lot of foods which hailed from theirAfrican descent. This includes such foods as Cala also known assweetened rice cake, Calalou which was a thick stew, coffee, cowpeas, fufu also known as turn meal flour, Goober, Grits that was madeout of Indian corn, Guinea Corn also referred to as sorghum ormillet, rice, Okra, Millet bread and others.

Otheraspects that should be researched with regard to this aspect ofslavery include; what aspects of American culture influenced theirdiet and also what meals have continued to be taken to date withtheir roots being of African descent.

Twoother places on the internet to find out more about the type of foodthat slaves ate include: The Slave rebellion Website that has anarticle on African crops and Slave cuisines written by Joseph E.Holloway. The site is Another site is www.pbs.orgthat has an article on Slavery and the making of America.

Inconclusion the primary sources of information on slavery offerinsight into the lives of slaves in the nineteenth century. Theybring to light the inhumane conditions in which they were forced togrow up in and also give the reader the opportunity to go back intotime and experience firsthand the main characters emotions as theylive their lives as slaves. Furthermore, it brings to light the darktruth about slavery and allows modern day researchers to haveinformation when needed since the writers experienced slavery and aretherefore the best people who can give an account of how it wastruthfully.


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