THE UNWILLING VAMPYRE some of chapter two

The wind was howling in a way that was almost as if it knew something important and deliberate was going to be happening, and it was saying no. Please not now, please not here. The breeze was starting to blow rather fiercely by whistling through the dense wooded forest, swishing the leaves of the old oak trees.

     Finally, the wind gave up its inane struggle to stop the unknown from setting down in the crisp fall air. The rustling ended and once again, the forest was peaceful. An owl that was screeching wildly then shattered the quiet. The piercing unwelcome cry was cutting through the woods tranquil silence with a blind urgency. It was almost as if the night comfortable bird was using his loud assertive voice to send out a message of some kind to the other inhabitants of the woods. The warning however was going unheeded by the other wild animals that, like the owl called these woods home. The high-pitched screaming came to an abrupt halt as the nocturnal bird’s hunger became more important than issuing any sort of warning through the trees. The owl quickly changed from just a bird to a natural bird of prey, as it flew away into the cloudless sky in search of its next meal. Directly overhead, the harvest moon was in its final phase of fullness, revealing the type of full moon that is always expect to be viewed in horror movies or lurking just above huge haunted mansions. Complete with the ominous black iron gates with menacing life-size gargoyles standing guard. If not for all of the leaves that are attached to the very oak trees that populated these woods, there would be plenty of luminescent light streaming through to be able to see everything clearly.

     As it stood now, the wild animals that had made this forest their homes were now being shrouded in the unforgiving darkness. The creatures became deathly quiet and immediately ran in the opposite when the glowing started to appear. At first, it was in the shape of a small triangle, which was roughly the same size of an average comic book. Unlike most comic books, this mass was growing larger. It first appeared amid the trees as a brilliant shade of angelic white that lit up about a ten-foot area of the woods, Taking it from total darkness to a dazzling brightness, the light so illuminated the entire area that it actually resembled a clear, beautiful, summer day that had the blazing sun directly above the trees. It was now slowly changing colors. The white was fading away being replaced by myriad shades of red. They seemed to be merging into one another as the triangle was rapidly evolving through the entire family of garnet tinted reds. It finally settled on a deep dark crimson that rivaled the colors on the late autumn leaves that were clinging to the many branches that were owned by the large trees surrounding the foreign object. When looking through the three sided mass, that had now stopped growing and was the size of a large doorway. You could see that it was not solid, and you could see the foliage and trees beyond. However, they did not appear at all clear. The greenery on the other side of the form took on a wavy rippled appearance.

     It was like looking at the foliage through dusky murky water. Looking even closer at the triangle, a faint outline of something could be seen in the center of the three cornered configuration. The soft contours of the shape gradually transformed from a misty haze to a solid fixed body of matter. It moved out of the triangle fluidly, revealing itself that of a man. He silently walked across the grassy clearing to stand at the entryways left.


     While walking the stranger did not turn his head either right or left to take in any of his new surroundings. Instead, he kept his gaze fastened on the crimson colored doorway. He was clearly waiting on something or someone that he alone knew. Seconds ticked by from an unknown and invisible clock, until once again, a hazy mist coalesced to leave a silhouetted mass in the angles form.

     Just like his predecessor before him, he mirrored the first man’s steps exactly by moving across the grass with that same easy self-assured walk. He also manages not to be heard by breaking any of the hundreds of dead branches or old twigs that had fallen from the trees during any of the gusting winds that only the fall of the year can produce. They were scattered and strewn abundantly over the forest floor.

     Man number two stood rock still beside man number one who had used the now obvious portal to travel through the gateway separating there world from ours. At precisely eleven second intervals, the transparent outlines in the center of the triangle would transform into flesh and bone men. One by one in a hurried succession the newest man would stand idly by the previous male that had emerged from the dark and mystical entrance, until the fourth and final uninvited guest had arrived here at their destination standing so close together. It was practically hopeless to tell them apart in the inherent darkness. If not for the portal itself casting off ruby colored shadows across the green tangled brambles, you might not have even seen them there. As it was now, the muted color was bouncing off the outer husks of the many different kinds of trees, until finally resting upon the men’s faces. Causing each one’s features to take on a red tinted glow that made you think that at any moment horns would be erupting from their foreheads, letting you finally know what the devil truly looked like. As they stood there quietly, it was clear they were not devils, but assuredly, they were not mere mortal men either. Each was very similar in appearance with hair so white it was even glowing bright silver in places when touched by the moons iridescent beams of light. It came to rest towards the middle of their backs. Even though each man was clearly very old in appearance, they still exuded a level of vitality and strength that would one would expect from a twenty year old, not white haired, clearly old men. They each shared close cut identical beards that matched the color of their hair. There angled features were amazingly average, with the slightest hint of wrinkles starting to show on one smooth pale skin.

     However, the men’s eyes were anything but average. They were truly unique with each one holding a powerful and penetrating gaze that was both inviting and challenging to behold. Slanted thin eyebrows hovered above deep, piercing, dark violet colored eyes that held no pupils, which left only lavender irises showing through. Looking directly into their optic depths was always different for each person who was both unlucky to gaze upon the men has often obscured faces. One would have a peaceful serene feeling surrounding them with an attached feeling of being protected. While another, after being face to face looking into those icy stone depths would be impressed with knowledge of heartache and misery.

     They were all tall with a common build, but nonetheless strong and intimidating. They each in turn were dressed identically by wearing head to toe brocade blood red robes. The scarlet cloaks had very large full hoods that now were not being taken advantage of, even though the men could feel the biting sting of the late October winds that was beginning to blow harder every second more the men stood out in the wooded forest. The garments were plain and completely unadorned, but were far from ordinary and obviously out of place here among the green and brown bushes of the forest as was the magical entryway that they all had emerged from only minutes before.

     On each stranger’s right wrist lived a shiny silver metal band about an inch in width. Even here in the darkened woods, the bracelets had a shimmering translucent glow that seemed to highlight the strange and unknown symbols that were intricately engraved over the wristlet’s entirety. As if on cue, each visitor moved in unison until they created an arc semi-circle that was facing the triangle. A fevered determination was being shared equally on all of their faces. They quickly reached for and grasped their allies forearm until they were all connected together. Each man held the other in rock hark grip of controlled power, creating an oval shaped line centered in front of the glowing doorway that had invaded the trees on this truly unique night. While those same trees looked on, each man closed their eyes and spoke individually. The words were being murmured slowly, but collectively made one unified voice that when used produced a deep powerful and unmistakably enchanting sound that was being carried gracefully through the woods by the growing winds. The almost lyrical sound showed a great confidence that only learned wisdom would create. The tone of the words reminded one of an old man recounting wondrous but often exaggerated tales from his youth in a long forgotten time that was now out of the aged man’s reach. It cut through the quiet darkness erasing the huddled coven’s miraculous feat so far, of being deadly silent. The powerful words that were being spoken aloud would be foreign to any of the hunters, who would once again be traipsing all over these woods again tomorrow. These same men all had the same agenda. To fell one of the many handsome bucks that stalked through this forest. Every hunter was vying for the same thing. Some used guns others used bows, but their intentions were always the same. Get the prize that would finally be hung on a wall somewhere in their home, or more importantly win them the coveted bragging rights in the local pub in town. The words were both melodic and lyrical in tone and speech. Listening to the intonation was so mesmerizing tranquil, it was like that feeling of when you heard a bedtime story as a child and desperately wanted to hear the climatic ending of the often adventurous or better yet scary tale, but before reaching the exciting conclusion, the restful feeling of sleep would once again claim you as there’s. The group spoke-

“By eth gilhtyb eth radk trang su rorwep eth ni hist hourly roug ot grinb rothf eth oyb grinb rothf eth eon owh si ot uler!”

     After the last was word was uttered, an eerie quiet fell over the dense wooded forest that was not like anything that had come before it. There were no birds flying or chirping to one another. There were no squirrels chasing each other from tree to tree. Along with the silence that was emanating from within the forest, there were not any sounds coming from beyond the woods boundaries either. It was as if someone had flipped a switch and turned off the sounds from the outside world. There were no distant car horns honking, no crickets with their often very annoying chirps. Even the gusting winds had stopped dead in their tracks. There was nothing except the deafening quiet that was advancing on all sides and bouncing off the invisible sound proof walls that was accomplishing there make believe job of blocking the sounds from either entering or exiting. With the winds refusing to blow, not even a single solitary leaf was moving or preparing to flutter down to the piles already scattered on the cold ground. Joining the hundreds that had fallen before it that had already went through the usual custom of being a vibrant flourishing green to a bright beautiful fire lit orange and red hue. Then slowly slipping to the ground to combine with the dozens of dead fallen leaves.

     The gathering of men had now relinquished one another’s arms and was looking at the portal with much anticipated stares. After a few nervous minutes had quickly passed, a small bundle had appeared inside the triangles depths, laying in a clump of wrappings on the shapes garnet colored floor. The first man to journey through the entryway was also the first to rush forward, bend down and retrieve the unknown package. When the light bundle was safely tucked away in the man’s able arms, he moved the coverings away just enough to reveal a small sleeping baby. The child it seemed had not even stirred during the apparent magical process of transporting the infant from where ever the opposite doorway in the triangle led to the here and now leaf covered spot.

     The infant who looked no more than a few days old in age, already had a full tuft of chestnut colored hair that was both downy soft and deeply shiny. Each man took their turn at admiring the babe lying in their friend’s arms. They all had an equal measure of pride and apprehension in there carefully wizened eyes. One of the four men finally spoke in a tightly clipped tone-

“I know that this is something that must be done, but I fear the child will be lost or worse, discarded here.”

     The one holding the peaceful looking baby clutched the little one protectively tighter in the safe cradle of his arms, after picturing that dreadful scene. Looking down into the cherub like face of the sleeping babe, he spoke with an easy confident resolve-

“Yes. It is true that we have a lot of what ifs about this situation, and the fact that the child knows nothing of what he will become or what he is intended. Nor does he know of the great courage he will have to gain to reach his foretold destiny, but we have to put our trust into the prophecy and let it work its will. Here in this place he will at least be given a chance to live. We currently have no other choice brothers, but to take this crucial chance to keep him safe until it is time!”

Another one of the men also spoke in a loud hurried voice-

“Let’s do the act and be done here brothers.”

     The group simultaneously let an audible sigh escape their lips, as a stony resolve had replaced the look of worry and apprehension. The one named Javon, who was still cradling the infant protectively, bent down and gently laid the small boy atop a mound of fallen leaves that were at the base of a big strong oak tree, that had been calling these woods home for decades long past. Javon took special care not to disturb or awaken the tiny slumbering bundle.

     The man, who was called Tremayne, stepped slowly forward showing he was now carrying something in his large rough hands. The object was easily recognized as a book. It only took a quick glance to determine that it appeared to be very old. It could even be argued by some that it was ancient. It was bound by unknown, animal leather that had now been worn thin but still quite strong. The pages within the tome were numerous and made of thick, yellowed parchment. The book was clearly unique when compared to other volumes because the cover gave no hint as to what the contents held on its weathered pages. There was no visible title, markings, or symbols. It seemed the author did not want any credit for the writings on the vellum coverings, as there was not a name on the front or back of the leather bindings. Actually without opening the old book and reading the words inscribed on the once parchment now turned pages, you were just left to only wonder and speculate as to what the anonymous author had chosen to create. The man, who was carrying the bound together sheets of parchment, did so with pride and unmistakable care. He silently opened the book and slowly closed his violet eyes. The brittle, crinkled, pages started flipping dramatically, of their own accord. About half way through the book, the pages stopped turning and Tremayne was quickly able to open his dark eyes to look down at the old yellowed parchment. On the left side of the page was the answer to the question he had only asked within his mind. He slowly extended his arms wide in the upward direction of the black star filled sky. The book however never moved. It just stayed fixed in place, like there were invisible hands stopping it from falling to the ground. Instead, it just hovered above the unknowing baby boy who was still fast asleep. In a deep self-assured voice, Tremayne pledged one word-


     All at once, a golden, shimmering, ring slowly and deliberately enveloped the boy. After it circled the entire length of the child, it quietly dispatched back into the darkness, leaving no hint of anything touching the boy.

     The tiny youth was clearly blinded to the unique circumstances of the strange mystical experience he had been a part. It was unclear if his sleeping so soundly had been induced by the four men to make the exchange easier or if the little boy was just a good baby. Either way, he did not even flutter an eyelash, and if you listened closely, you could hear soft little snores escaping his nose and mouth.

The man who was called Tanyth had yet to speak, but chose to do so now with a very important question.-

“Will that be enough Tremayne?”

     Before Tremayne had a chance to answer his trusted brothers inquiry, Javon spoke to not only Tanyth, but to all of the brothers standing idly by.-

“Yes the spell chant will hold. We can all feel the powerful protection that now surrounds the boy.”

Tanyth was looking wistfully towards the child as he said-

“Yes Javon, I to can feel the power of the enchantment, but I’m to wonder how long will the spell chant belong to the child?”

     As Tanyth asked the question, Tremayne cast a furtive glance at the baby wrapped up snug on the leaves. The boy was apparently not feeling the cold that was emanating from the ground. Tremayne deducted that it must be the insulation the leaves were creating, that was keeping the chill from entering the slumbering baby boy.

     Tanyth had to look away from the child because he could not stop his mind from conjuring the opposite scene. Instead of the peaceful baby, it was replaced with a quiet mound of dirty blankets, which held a boy that had never been found and had succumbed to being exposed to the unforgiving elements of Mother Nature. Tanyths eyes settled on Tremaynes closed ones. It was clear to all of them that Tremayne was searching for the answer to the question that Tanyth had asked only moments ago. After many tense seconds had passed, his closed lids snapped open and looked directly at Tanyth, even though they were all patiently waiting for the discovery. In his regular assured voice of confidence, that they all had grown accustomed to hearing when Tremayne had something to say.-

“It is unknown!”

     That was clearly not the return they were all hoping to hear, but just the same, the brothers took Tremaynes disclosure as truth and nodded three heads once in unison. Merryk, the final member of the allied band of brothers to emerge from the conjured triangle, spoke in a firm hurried tone.-

“It is time to take our leave my loyal legion. For it is now calling us home.”

     The other three men agreed as they too could feel the supernatural power starting to surge. With a quizzical backward glance that clearly showed that, not even these wise men knew what the future held. There quick gazes at the baby, were all they had left of him right now, and even though he looked quite comfortable and safe, positioned on top of the heap of soft fallen autumn leaves. The men used a deliberate slow moving gait as they paced in the other direction of the child. It was almost as if all four men were trying to delay the inevitable. Finally, once again they were standing in front of the gateway. In the same order that they had come through the opening, the men made their way back into the triangle to be transported home.


     Zackary Ramsey is a funny well adjusted sixteen year old boy. He sat on the bed in the room that belonged to his best friend Gregor. It was something he had done a thousand times before. The day it seemed was like any of the other countless days the two boys had spent together after school. Well unless you noticed the fact that at the moment Zack was balancing Gregor’s unfinished homework assignment in mid-air over the bed, using only the power of his mind.

     Gregor and Zackary had been best friends since they were eight years old. They had both been made to join the local boy scout troop, and after the ardent refusals and very loud pleadings to both of there mothers that being a boy scout was stupid, dumb, and any other terrible word they each could come up with. But to the boy’s great displeasure, both sets of parents wouldn’t budge and ordered both boys to at least give it a chance. Zackary had to be present for two meetings and Gregor had to attend three. If after those conditions were met and they still disliked it they would be able to quit. At the first meeting, the two boys met each other and instantly bonded over there mutual dislike of earning badges, learning about the great outdoors, and memorizing the that horrible boy scout oath. After Zack has successfully accomplished his obligation of attending two separate meetings, he informed his dad that he would be going just one more time. However, he wanted his dad to know that it was only for Gregor’s sake he would even be going at all. He quickly explained that his new friend’s parents were making Gregor be present for three meetings instead of the just two that he himself had been sentenced. Unbelievably to both sets of parents, when the fourth gathering was scheduled to take place, both of the young men were not only present but unmistakable excited. They had both rationalized to everyone that they didn’t know the way the boy scouts learned was by doing. After finding out that the scout leader had things planned like camping trips, hiking excursions, and the task they were both most excited for. Learning how to start a camp fire with only what Mother Nature could provide.

     Over the next few years, both Zack and Gregor had willingly become a permanent fixture of Boy Scout troop 73. Earning each of the boys to many badges to count. When there time of being scouts had ran its course and was finished, Gregor and Zackary found there friendship still going strong. Even now with the boys going to turn 17, they were still the best of friends. The young men were alike on so many fronts. From the types of movies they watched, the music they listened to and there mutual love of sports. Zack and Gregor were in deed very similar in there preferences and things they both liked, but there was one thing the boys were totally opposite of one another. The major contrast of both boys appearance. Zack was about two inches taller than Gregor. He also had a very slim and lanky build, and in most people’s opinion had perfectly aligned and handsome features. His short wavy hair was thick and always shiny. It was a deep dark chestnut color that was easily mistaken for black. His full red lips hid his perfectly, straight, white teeth. His most attractive feature by far was his unique and mesmerizing eyes that were a deep shade of violet. Those eyes of his had caused more than a few people over the years to ask him if he was wearing contact lenses. Those same beautiful eyes created a very piercing stare when looking directly into there dark lavender depths. Although Zackary seemed unaware of the fact, his good looks would often score him many lingering stares and numerous heads turning to grab a second look.

     Gregor was also very attractive in his own right. Opposite of Zack’s dark wavy hair, Gregor’s was short, straight, and pale blond. The color would actually appear a soft white when the sun’s rays would touch it just right. Gregor’s build was neither fat nor skinny. He was somehow right in the middle. His eyes were a bright emerald green that was sandwiched between very long eyelashes that still garnered him the embarrassing comments and compliments at the annual family reunion every summer. His stony features included a small narrow nose that rested above small red lips that totally complimented his round face perfectly. He maintained a dark tanned complexion from the endless hours out in the hot summer sun, playing basketball on Zack’s backyard court.

     However unlike Gregor, Zack’s skin tone was always very pale. The same sun that would turn Greg’s skin a dark tanned brown would just ignore Zack’s It was if his skin held its own version of suntan lotion creating a strong barrier that the mighty sun’s ray’s was powerless to penetrate. So Zack was left with a flawless face that showed a white pallor that made his deep crimson lips vividly stand out.

     Gregor nervously stood and unknowingly slid closer to his bedroom door. No matter how much he tried, he couldn’t tear his eyes away from the strange and unbelievable sight of his trigonometry textbook just hanging above his bed. It was as if it being suspended by some type of invisible rope, but Gregor knew with an uneasy thought, that with out a doubt the only rope being used at the moment was the one in Zackary Ramsey’s now focused mind.

     The first to speak was Gracie, Gregor’s twin sister. She was sitting in her usual spot of soft pillows that were placed on the blue carpeted floor especially for her. Gracie was tall and skinny and shared the same eye color and facial features as her brother. She also had long straight pale blond hair that she usually wore up in whatever style she was in the mood for. Today she wore a simple braided ponytail. Her beautiful eyes mirrored Gregor’s exactly. Also like her twin, Gracie shared a perfect combination of lips, cheeks, in place of the dark tanned skin of her twin; she carried pale alabaster skin that made the green of her eyes clearly stand out.

     Finally able to remove her own emerald colored eyes away from the book and look at Zack, Gracie broke the silence that was bouncing off each wall in the room, by whispering in an awed voice.

“Zack I am so sorry for not believing you.”


     At the sound of her voice, Zack made eye contact with Gracie and instantly lost his focused concentration on the volume hovering above him. The book plummeted to Gregor’s red and black plaid comforter with a dull thud. Zack continued his staring at the girl who unbeknownst to everyone had grown to mean more to him than just a very good friend. Not really knowing what to say, he employed a small grin and just nodded his head in her direction in acknowledgement of her apology.

     Zackary looked from Gracie to Gregor, hoping to find the same apparent understanding that he had received from her. He quickly realized that that wasn’t going to be the case. His small grin quickly disappeared after being instantly put off by the startled look that was frozen on Gregor’s face. Zack noticed that his eyes were still glued to the now ordinary school book that was completely stationary on the twin bed. After a few tense moments, Zack reluctantly tried to bring some humor to the pressured situation by saying.

“Gregor I am pretty sure I won’t be turning green and sprout antennas out of my head


     With questionable eyes, Gregor slowly looked from the textbook to his twin before finally settling on Zackary. In an unmistakable shaky voice he said

“I don’t know what to say. Part of me wants to run from this room screaming, “


He quickly glanced back to his sister and added.

“Taking my sister with me.”


Ignoring Gracie’s gasp he continued talking never taking his eyes away from her.

“And part of me wants to say don’t worry we will figure out what’s happening to you.”


     At saying the last part he looked from Gracie to his best friend. Looking directly into Zack’s deep lavender eyes he concluded to everyone in the room.

“Right now Zack, I’m just trying to decide which part of me is greater.”


     Breaking there eye contact, Zackary looked down at the floor with a defeated gaze. After a few more strained moments, Zack abruptly stood up and walked to the door. He didn’t miss the fact that Gregor swiftly moved away from him and the doorway, giving him free access to the only exit. Zack reached and put his hand around the wooden door’s handle. With his back to both of his friends, he quietly said in a voice that was barely above a whisper.

“Just let me know when you decide which part of you is greater Gregor.”


Without another word he opened the door and strolled out of the bedroom.

     He exited the twin’s home by shutting the front door. Quickly stopping any response he might have received from either Gregor or Gracie. He started down the narrow path with no hesitation even though it was pitch black from the cloud cover, which was currently forbidding the harvest time moon from appearing with its silver glow, which would somewhat light the darkened way. Although Zack knew it didn’t matter to him anyway. On this cool autumn evening, he needed nothing to light the red bricked pathway that led out to the circular driveway where his blue 1965 Ford Mustang was parked. Unlike most people, he was able to steer the dark, skinny trail with a confident ease. It didn’t even bother him that he had left to quickly for the Carson’s to turn on the porch light or the electric lanterns that lined both sides of the brick paved walkway. Maybe it was out of memory of the hundred’s of times he has used the front walk either coming or going to Gregor’s house over the years. Zackary thought that was definitely an option that he could blame it on. Although deep down, he knew his easy quiet movements in the pitch blackness, that only the night can create, had nothing to do with his memory. Zack stopped in his tracks and looked around at the night which he felt like was right now closing in from all sides. He slowly let out a long calming sigh and said aloud into the night sky that was now starting to drizzle down lightly with rain.

“Out with the old and in with the new!”


     He wasn’t sure where he had heard the old saying, but felt it fit his situation perfectly. The old was: He would have to let his violet eyes fully adjust to the shadows created by darkness.












































Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 12/24/2009 8:37:11 AM
Wow...I sat here and wrote my honest opinion and then it was gone...anyway, I like your work, I think you have a good story here, and excellent start to your novel, but I agree with what Moonrose said, unless it just formatted here that way, you need to break up the sentences more, as I was told (since I have the same problem) you need to let your readers "breath" more, but I can't wait to read more!

Bluez   Bluez wrote
on 12/24/2009 8:34:35 AM
I think you have a good idea here, and I like your story, your descriptions and phrases are good in my opinion, what I think is that you have the same problem I have, or maybe that is just how it formatted here, but you seem to have the same problem I have, I am not always sure where to end the previous sentence and start the next one, I was told I have a problem and need to let my reader "breath" if that makes sense to you. Very good start though to your novel, and I wish you well, can't wait to read the entire story.

Moonrose   Moonrose wrote
on 12/23/2009 9:03:38 PM
Good job, I like this. You used interesting metaphors and said things in fresh, intriguing ways, and it was nice to read. I'm just being picky here, but you should work on spacing and indenting your paragraphs and everything. Lol it got a bit difficult to read at times with it all smushed together like that. Anyways, good job =D

Novel / Novella
writing april73
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This is a story about a teenage boy who was adopted as a baby by a wonderful couple who have provided him love and a great home. As the boy turned 16, he starts going thru different changes where he starts developing special abilities like levitation, clear night vision, hearring from distances and so on. Together with his two best friends he tries to find out what is happening to him.