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Recently I read an article by Mike Firesmith (one of my all time favorite writers) titled "My God" you can find it under Religion - General  was a thought provoking article and peeked my thought process into overdrive. My comments and his responses are the reason for this article.

The existence of a "higher power" has long been debated as well as who or what it might be. I want to begin by saying "Good for you Mike for not caving to "religions". I believe that they for the most part pervert whatever relationship we might have with the Divine ( who by the way Mike, I am sure considers coffee a divine intervention). So no fears her Mike there is no religion to lose. I have experienced a multitude of religions in my lifetime and this has lead me to have my own belief system.

When I was Catholic it was forbidden to read the Bible as we were told we could not understand it. So I read it out of spite and then left the church. When I was a Fundamental Baptist it seemed I should just pack my suitcase and buy the one way ticket to hell because there was no way out of that trip. Southern Baptist seemed to not appreciate my questions and concerns about passages taken out of context used as sermons. The Pentecostal phase was the easiest at first, I at least enjoyed worshiping and felt energized and hopeful at the end of a Sunday sermon. Unfortunately, the church I attended closed and the new one was a bit more sedate and the nagging problem of questioning mentioned above came into play. Some said I needed to be "exorcised" and eventually the letter came that asked me not to attend. Apparently some of my views and suggestions were not appreciated in the Wednesday Women's group. Oh well.

Then I spent a few years studying for a pastoral license, which I might add I only got by the skin of my *omit desired word here* as they were not completely happy with my opinions or outlook. However, I explained I had no intention of applying for a position as a preacher, and then very nonchalantly mentioned my lawyer was very interested in their desire to deny me a license They conceded and I became a Reverend, of what I have no idea, but it comes in handy at quick weddings. From there my research of other religions began and I learned about a multitude of belief systems, but by no means am I deeply versed in any of them. It was just enough to understand the fundamentals of their beliefs and why.

Next step Wiccan, and I found a great deal of personal power there. I also found some profound connections between the it and the New Testament. I still practice this in a very different way then what I was taught as I formed it to become my own and integrated it with my beliefs of the Bible.

During my studies in theology I found many truths, one being that much of our King James Version of the Bible translates to something very different if you go word by word with an old Greek and Hebrew Concordance. Buy one and research it yourself don't take my word for it. Two that there is much that is not shared with the Congregations because it would usurp the authority of the Pastor and the Church.

But what if ... God had something very different in mind for us and the significant points in Christian History were to empower us rather then to turn us into little robots spewing rote prayers and hymns.

What if ... We were meant to use the elements of the earth to gain dominion over it. Was that not our original job?

What if ... The miracles of Christ were given as evidence that we could were given the power to control these elements of the earth.

"If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you." Matt 17:20

"If ye had faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye might say unto this sycamine tree, Be thou plucked up by the root, and be thou planted in the sea; and it should obey you." Luke 17:6

What if .... The power God used for creation was ours in the power of the spoken word.
       ** Think about how many times you have spoken something - either positive or negative - only to have it happen.**

These are some of the things I believe to be true and I focus my faith upon them. I have honestly come to believe that we have within us the power to a multitude of things. Yes, it takes focus at first but then it just becomes second nature, as it is the way we were to be. No, I have not moved any mountains lately, nor do I have the power to raise the dead. Yet I have seen my beliefs in action and chastise myself for not spending more time focusing on other things which can be done. I spent several years in Hurricane territory, and every year at least two to three were heading right for my area. People would be running about buying water and boards I would simply say no. In the entire time I lived in the area every hurricane forecasted to hit us, suddenly turned in another direction. A week after I moved that area was hit by a sizable one.

After the birth of my oldest son I went in for my checkup and found a growth in my uterus and wanted to do a biopsy. I left without one and refused its existence (can't tell you how many scriptures there are on healing). The doctor begged me to come back in a few months later just to see if it was growing. I told him it was not necessary but let him do the ultrasound anyway, the growth was gone.

I truly believe that "religion as an organization" stifles our true potential. We are, and have, more power then we can ever imagine. Much of it is lost because of a lack of time. Life has us jumping and leaping just to make our bills and leaves so little time for inner reflection. Almost everyone can say there is one thing that they can do so well, they don't know why but they can. It is the one thing they focused on at some point in life and it has just become part of them. We all have a path to follow and levels of an "inner spiritual" growth that change from person to person. Mine is a combination of what I believe the Divine intended for us the means by which I access those powers. Sometimes it is calling on the element, other times it is talking with the Divine (can't really call it prayer because sometimes I yell.)

No one person has all the answers, but every person has the answers locked deep within themselves. If they only have the faith of a mustard seed (pretty small seed by the way) they could find their own connection with the Divine.

So there you are Mike, what say ye! *smile*

Believe it or not that is the condensed version of my belief system. For those of you who made it all the way through ... WOW your good.


danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 5/11/2008 6:38:10 AM
Awesome read!! I like your perspective on religion. I don't think any of us fit into one mold exactly. Excellent writing.

amberfire   amberfire wrote
on 5/10/2008 10:46:20 PM
Well hi! It's great to see old friends again. Thanks for reading it, glad you enjoyed it.

Raven Spirit   Raven Spirit wrote
on 5/10/2008 10:25:41 PM
And I do believe that each person's truth is different and tailor made for them. I enjoyed this piece.

writing amberfire
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