My Brother Had A Cardiac Surgery
It wasn’t until I called my mother on the phone, about half a month earlier, that I realized my lapse in telling my older brother my love for him. I had never told him how important he was to me. 

In the past, whenever I would call my mother, she was always the one who talked more. But this had never seemed to matter to her. And everytime I would call she would always repeat the same questions, “How are you? Have you eaten yet? How is your health? …. …..” Sometimes I just couldn’t stand the worry in her voice and complained, “Mom, I’m fine, don’t worry about me, I’m a grown man now.”

But on this day, my mother didn’t ask these questions. She talked in a lower voice and seemed in a hurry to finish our conversation. I began to feel worried. “What’s wrong mom? Why are you speaking so low?” I asked her. I could tell she was concealing something from me. My mother has never been very good at keeping secrets. There was then a silence, and I hear her taking a deep breath. “Your brother doesn’t want me to tell you? He doesn’t want you to be worried.”

My mother told me then, that doctors found a little hole inside my brother’s heart. Because of the hole in his core-wall, he was going to have a cardiac surgery tomorrow. The doctor had said it would be a small surgery. But it would prove to be a big surgery to us. To myself, my mother and my brother. I was worried for him. And I wondered if he was scared?

I couldn’t speak for a while, after she told me this. But I knew, I wouldn’t cry. I would have to comfort my mother. I had done the same when my father passed. I kept my composure and grief tightly wrapped inside, when my father died. Some people even doubted my grief and love for my father.

I promised my mother that I would not call my brother before the surgery.

Later that night a thought occurred to me:" What if something happens to my brother during his surgery? I never told him I love him. I never told him of his importance to me. Did he know how I felt about him? What if he would never know?

Thank God, the operation was successful. My brother is now recovering. Through this ordeal, I have realized how important my family to me. I knew it before, but it was never as clear as it is now. I want to tell my brother as well as the rest of my family, that I love them. I want to let them know how important they are to me.

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Never said to my brother that I love him and never realised the importance of the word, until I heard he was going to have a cardiac surgery.