A Muhammas about Life

(Muhammas-poem with five stanzas)

by Abdurehim Otkur

(I translated this from Uyghurs. Grammatical or any kind of suggestions will be appreciated)

Looking for the stainless truth during my life’s journey,
I wandered like a beggar, suffered one thousand and one agonies.
But there cannot be a smooth road to find this destination,
I have spent most of my life not knowing which way to go,
Listen to me narrate this.

Born from two momin(honest and tolerant) persons , I have reached my fifty eight year,
Now the time has come to summarize my life seriously,
Looking upon the life I had passed, I can’t help but feel heart-broken,
Tears flow from my eyes like the Irtish and the Nile,
I hope that no one in the world suffers my agony and pain.

Was not slaved to the truth, did not contribute to my people,
There came autumn to my garden, I had lost many opportunities.
My heart which had been anxious was kindled by agony,
Tormented me day and night, making me fearful and trembling,
It was not enough to blame myself for the many times.

Motherland fostered me with her snow white milk and thousand care,
Every morning, she poured golden ray on my seedling head, so carefully.
Gave me the language and wisdom, lead me enter the society,
Million times kept me under her wing at the days of arduous,
how could I repay her motherhood.

Even the birds sing for the spring every morning,
How could a living human descendant don’t have a bit of sence at all?
But there are so many duties on my shoulder being without fulfilled,
will the tears of regret flow forever,
learn a lesson from me and do not waste your life.

The ocean of my thoughts surged without any stop,
I stayed up so many nights without even closing my eyes.
Finally I came to a conclusion to my journey of life,
That life is a battle, not a game at all,
Do not let a bit of fatuous come near to your soul.

The more I dive to the sea of my thoughts every night,
The more fouling of my soul was cleaned, and the curses were drew away.
Though my life was regretful, my heart depressed and poor,
But the book of my life added with thousands of meanings,
Who will satisfy, the bright day light drew away the blackness.

If you look at the world through your thoughtful eyes,
Even the honeybees are not without wisdom,
Even the crawling ants wins its reward by working non stop,
If you know these only are a bit of secrete from this treasure house,
Reflect and realize, learn from this lifesome knowledge.

The more we knew about the mystery of human life,
The more our eyes will be cleaned and we will know ourselves better.
How could a blind know what sun is like, and what moon is,
But a child could learn what is flower and what is leafage,
It is clear that life can find wisdom from knowledge.

If we give a thought to the end of life, we will know who we are,
To be born and die is lucid to everyone.
But who knows where, when and how we die,
The theme was an unsolved knot from many ages,
Value every opportunity to contribute and serve for all human being.

Life is not forever, even Luqman couldn’t transcended,
(Luqman Hakim has been mentioned in the Qur’an as an intelligent and wise man.)
Rumi, Iskandar and the warrior Genghis Khan can be the good example.
The countless caravan of human busing with coming and going to this world.
Time will pass, life will end, only the people could stay always,
I found this truth from my life journey.

Babies dawn to the earth with a cry,
When the death came, people cry with the pain.
But there were people who never dropped a tear,
humiliating the death on the battle front with bravery,
What an easy happiness it would be if we could found that opportunity!

Like the foliage withered by the blowing of the cold autumn wind,
We will became a pile of soil at the end of this journey,
There will grow brambles or hogweeds,
Or maybe flowers, spreading fragrance all around,
It means, everyone gives the value to his life.

People cannot find out the destiny even asking from Suhaily,
(Suhily- is a wise man in the Greek mythology who was the adviser of Iskandar)
But can find out honor or torment by following the dream or bohemian of their heart.
What you seeded what you will get, depends on your own nature.
What happened to Firaun because of his arrogance.
If you spread seeds without any select, brambles will grow out the crops.

Life melts like a candle, it will be burn out,
But it will get the more value the more it approaches to the end.
Look at the moth who loves the fire,
Sacrificed its life for the candle light,
If a man can find this destiny is enough.

What I narrated is just a drop of the sea,
But even a drop can reflect the sun as it is.
If this Muhammas convey the true meaning of life,
That will be my all reward, I don’t expect more,
It is ok with planter if he can’t enjoy the shade.

The End.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 5/15/2012 6:39:07 PM
I think this tells of every person's life... birth to child to adult to old age to death. And the wisdom and lessons learned in each stage of life. The person who wrote this was very wise and I thank you for sharing this with us. The one thing you may have changed was to break it up some for it was one long read. "Let the reader breathe" was what I was told when I uesd to do the same thing.

writing alimabla
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This is a poem written by an Uyghur scholar. I just translated it from Uyghurs to English. This poes is about the poet's view of life.
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