The Mimic - Chapter 2

Chapter 2


I opened my eyes suddenly to find myself suddenly in my own room. I quickly sat up in my bed and looked around as if I had expected to be somewhere else.  The sun light that was coming through my window was bright enough it caused me to squint while I tried to get some bearings.  Apparently, I was still experiencing the rush of the dream that I just had because my heart was beating at a frantic pace, and I was covered with sweat.  I didn’t even feel like I should have been alive right then, but I got up and quickly made my bed, which was a difficult task to complete because my hands were shaking like I had just drank five cups of coffee with out eating for five days.  After that, I spent about twenty minutes in the shower scrubbing away the icky feeling that I had after waking up drenched with sweat.  It was only then, while I was in the shower, that I had finally stopped shaking, and that was a relief.

After getting dressed, I headed downstairs where I quickly came across the realization that I had slept most of the morning.  I wasn’t even sure how that was even possible.  There was no way the dream I had lasted that long.  It felt like it didn’t even last twenty minutes.  Even as I sat eating some sort of breakfast, I recalled the dream from memory from beginning to end, and I still couldn’t see how I had slept for ten hours.  The dream itself was still with me, and I could not get over how real it seemed, even now.  I could recall the entire dream like it had happened yesterday.  Fortune telling dreams were not the type of dreams that I had very often, and even then I didn’t usually remember them until the after the future event actually happened.  However, there was one that I remembered every thing that had happened and it was one that I had the night after I had met Bret and he had asked me out for the first time way back in September.  I had dreamt of using the magic and using it to toy with a guy, eventually killing him.  It was the first dream that I had felt the after effects when I woke, and the events that happened afterward lead to me discovering the magic.  I had dismissed that particular dream as a normal unconscious hallucination right after I had awakened from it, but I wasn’t going to make the mistake of doing that again.  Only insane people repeat mistakes, and I thought I was of sound mind.  Of course, last night’s dream was a little different, but I figured the results would be the same.  I would eventually soon learn a new ability, one that, in the long-term, I could probably do without, but would be a little helpful in the short term.  However, I wasn’t going to fool myself into thinking I was not curious about that, but as much as I wanted to know about that new ability, I was more intrigued by the fact that Jamey could use the same ability.  At least, that was the way it seemed at first, but after thinking it over more it was clear that wasn’t necessarily the case.  The one thing that stood out was that she said that I had to use my ability first before she could use hers, and I thought I had a handle on why that was.  I wouldn’t have said that I was certain, but it was more like an educated guess.

A couple of hours later Bret had stopped by while I was outside getting ready to wash my car, a BMW.  It was the only thing that my parents had bought me that was of any kind of extravagance, and since I had to pay for everything, and the track season put a serious dent in the amount of hours I was actually working, I didn’t feel like spending the money to actually have my car cleaned.  It being Sunday, it was a regular occurrence that Bret was at my house.  He and my dad had become quite the pair on Sundays watching just about any sport that was on the television, something that had started from the weekly fall tradition of me spending all day watching football games with Dad.  Of course, since I was not an avid fan of baseball, a sport I’ve come to appreciate a little more because of Bret, I refused to spend my Sunday afternoons on the couch all day watching baseball.  Bret ended up taking my place as my father’s viewing partner.  It was kind of unsettling to see Bret and my Dad get along so well.  I thought all Dads were supposed to be suspicious of their teenage daughter’s boyfriends, but not mine.  Then again, my dad had a pretty easy-going disposition and had a way with kids, a required skill-set for a pediatrician, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.

“I love a girl who washes her own car,” Bret joked as he wrapped me in a hug and kissed me.  I was forced to admit early in our relationship, that he was good at those two things in particular.  It was a way to disarm me in my angrier moments, and he was quick to use it to his advantage.  The boy wasn’t dumb by any stretch of the imagination.

“You should be doing this,” I joked.  “All this dirt wasn’t on my car before you drove it yesterday.”  He was the only person who had drove my car besides me, and even then, only when I was in it.

“How can you blame me for that?” he asked in protest.  “That dirt on the hood was there before I drove it yesterday.”  He let go of me, walked over to my car, and pointed to a spot on the hood.  “I definitely remember all of this dirt here yesterday before we went Downtown.”

He wasn’t looking at me as he spoke, and that was a mistake.  While he turned his back to me, I bent down to pick up the water hose that had been sitting at my feet.  He never noticed me picking it up, and he left himself so wide open, that resisting was futile.  In about five seconds he was soak and wet. He quickly turned and looked at me, and he looked kind of shocked.  He should have known better, but dripping water from head to toe, he looked damn good.  His wet shirt was plastered to his torso, and as he walked towards me, I could see every one of his muscular abs move as he walked.  Saying that he looked sexy wouldn’t do him justice, and this was one of the moments that I marveled at the fact that he was as into me as much as he was.  In one of the few moments where he was actually quicker than me, grabbed me and wrapped me up in one his hugs before I could get away.  His brown hair, which he had let grow back to the length it was when we first met, dripped water all over me.  I had gotten him good.

“That wasn’t very fair,” he said trying to act like he was hurt, but I knew otherwise.  He was having a blast.  Sometimes, I thought he was way too easily amused.

“Sorry.”  I wasn’t sorry in the least.  “I couldn’t resist.”

“I know.”  He bent down and kissed me again.  “You’re going to pay for that.”

“I think I already am,” I said as water dripped on my face.

He walked away and got to work on the car.  I was a little shocked because I thought I had made it clear that I was joking when I said that he should do it.  However, before I could say anything, I saw a car that I didn’t recognize had parked out on the street in front of my house.  Bret had parked his eyesore of a truck in front of the driveway, so I knew it wasn’t one of his father’s cars, of which Mr. Spencer had many.  I glanced down the driveway and saw Angel heading towards us.  She was not alone.  Jamey was walking beside her, and the two of them made an interesting pair walking next two each other.  They were both the same height while Angel was definitely more voluptuous.  Jamey was more on the petite side.  Of course, it wasn’t hard to figure out Angel’s motive in bringing her here.  It had everything to do with the magic and any attempt trying to prove otherwise would have been a waste of everyone’s time.  Angel wouldn’t do that anyway because, except for one instance in particular, she wasn’t one to hide from the truth.

“What?” Angel said when she had reached us.  “Bret’s doing manual labor.  I didn’t think he knew how.”

“And you do?” I asked.

“Please,” Angel said.  “I have a job, as you know.”  Angel and I worked at the same Aeropostale store.

“Working as a retail sales clerk at a clothing store qualifies as manual labor?”  Jamey asked.

“Angel knows as much about manual labor as Paris Hilton.” Bret said.  He obviously wasn’t a fan of reality television, or he would have known that was a bad comparison, even though the point he was making was quite clear.

“That’s funny, especially coming from someone who doesn’t have a job,” Angel quipped.  “I mean didn’t you get all of the money in your pocket from dear old daddy.”

“Me?” Bret asked.  “I’m just a broke student athlete.”

“Save that bull for you ex, who took pride in spending all of your money.”

Bret bristled at the mention of his last girlfriend.  That wasn’t exactly a good experience for him, and he learned at lot from it.  I actually thought it was because he was dealing with someone who had as much of a sense of entitlement as he did-if not more, and it showed him a lot, even though he was no where nearly as bad as she.  Bret was actually a nice person who had common sense, but not enough to stay away from her in the first place.  It was something that I chided him about daily.

“What’s with the car?” Bret asked changing the subject from what was really a sore subject for him.  It was something that Angel wouldn’t normally let him get away with, but the reason she did soon became apparent.

“You like it.  My dad bought it for me.”  Bret wasn’t the only one who liked to show off.  Flossing was very common around these parts.  Her car was a Mercedes.

“That’s a surprise.” I said.  “He finally trusts you with your own vehicle.”

“I was surprised too,” she said.  “I think he finally got over his fear of me getting in some kind of accident.”

“I think it was more of a fear of you and road rage.”  That quip came from Jamey, and I was instantly impressed.  The timing of that statement, not to mention the effective deadpan delivery, made for perfect comedy.  The second impression I had of her wasn’t that she was a very shy person, which was my initial impression of her.  She just didn’t talk a lot, but when she did, she made the most of it.  This was an example.  Living next door to Angel must have been torture.  Angel was speechless, and that was quite an achievement.  Bret was also impressed.  He couldn’t stop smiling.  He then sneakily raised his arm that was holding the hose and let loose a stream of water directly at me.  I saw this out of the corner of my eye, but my reaction time was a little slow, so dodging the water was out of the question. 

“Bret,” I screamed at him in a voice that was in no way attractive.  I also lifted my hands, in what should have been a futile gesture, to block the water.  It was more of a defense move than anything else, and probably every girl whose boyfriend tried to do this kind of thing would have probably done the same thing.  I was expecting to get soaked, and Bret would have his satisfaction of paying me back from earlier.  Unfortunately for him, it did not quite work out that way.  As a matter of fact, the water that should have been all over me was actually stopped in midflight, frozen in the air.  It wasn’t frozen like ice.  The water still looked as it should when at room temperature, but then there was Bret himself.  He was frozen too, arm raised in mid spray. 

“That’s interesting,” Jamey said.  I think she was the only one who wasn’t shocked by what happened, which should have been strange, but it wasn’t.

“You don’t seem to be surprised by what happened,” Angel said. 

“Why would she be surprised?” I asked.  “She knows that I use magic, just like I know she does.”

“Good point.”  Angel walked over to Freeze Tagged Bret and started poking him harshly in his side.  He didn’t move, not one inch, and he looked comatose.      

“Well, he’s warm,” Angel said.  “You don’t have to worry about having frozen him to death.”  I wasn’t worried about that anyway. 

“What is up with his face?”  Jamey asked.  She had also walked over to him and was standing on the opposite side of him from where Angel was standing, looking up at his ridiculous facial expression.  The sight of smaller Jamey standing next to a frozen Bret was quite comical.  She looked like she was posing for a picture next to a giant cartoon character at an amusement park.

“I guess that is his evil, sneaky look,” Angel said. “He must have thought he was getting away with something.  I would give him an A for effort, and an F for execution.”

Jamey turned and looked at me laughing almost uncontrollably.  “You should stop him from ever making that face again.  Evil and maniacal isn’t something he can successfully pull off.   He looks ludicrous.”

I had to agree.  “I know.  He doesn’t have a true evil bone in his body.”

“Well, you would know,” Angel said.  “You would definitely be an expert on what type of bones he has.”

I shot her a glance of what a true evil look should look like and she quickly apologized for her insensitivity.  That was becoming a habit as of late.  The reason basically being that Angel was a first hand witness of what I could do with the magic, and she was quick not to piss me off.  Angel may be loud, obnoxious, and vile, but she wasn’t stupid.

            Bret suddenly moved and the water that he tried to spray me with finally started to again travel in the direction that it was intended.  Of course since I wasn’t stupid enough be still standing in the exact some spot as when all of this first started, the water fell harmlessly to the ground.  Bret then turned and fixed a narrowed eyed gaze at me.  I returned a shrug and a sheepish grin.

              “He’s alive,” Angel said as is she actually thought he was dead.

            “Right.”  He was not impressed.  “I heard every word that was said.”  That was pretty weird, and he responded to our questioning looks by saying, “Don’t ask me. You two are the sorceresses.”

            Jamey shot Angel another evil look, but I gave the response.  “She didn’t tell him.  He’s sensitive to the arcane energy of others.”

            Angel walked over to Jamey, who had moved over to where I was originally standing.  “That brings us to why I brought you here in the first place.  Of course, I didn’t know that the ‘First Dude’ would be here.”

            “How come I’m second fiddle?” Bret said offended.  “Why can’t Val be ‘First Girl’?”

            “Because she isn’t,” Angel said.  “She would never stand for that, and you know it. Stop trying to act all bent out of shape.”

            Bret was seething, and it was extremely difficult to piss him off.  It didn’t surprise anyone that Angel would be able to do it.  She had definitely hit a nerve, but I don’t know what else she could have expected.  There was no way in hell that any guy was going to like hearing something like that. 

            “No one is first anything.”  I said stopping this in its tracks.  Bret, however, continued to seethe.  At any second, I expected to see smoke coming out of his ears.

            “You really need to learn when not to speak,” Jamey said to Angel, and there wasn’t any way that I was going to argue with that.  I just might have said it with a little more tact, but her way might have been best.  It’s impossible to be tactful to a person who fundamentally doesn’t believe in tact and expect to get the desired results.

            “So she brought you here to tell me about your magic?” I asked Jamey.

            “I guess,” She answered with a shrug.  “She never really explained why she was bringing me here.”

            “Typical Angel Hernandez,” Bret retorted.

            “Would you stop it?” I said to him.  He was not going to stay mad at her anyway, and the two of them were quickly becoming tiring.

            “So are you going to tell us or not?” Angel asked.  To her, it was as if the last exchange between Bret and I didn’t even happen.

            Jamey at first didn’t respond.  She apparently was thinking through her options.  Then after about thirty seconds, she came to a conclusion. 

            “Why don’t I just show you?” she asked.  “But I will need a volunteer. “  She turned and looked at Bret during the latter part of her statement, but he was having none of it.

            “No way.  Today, I’ve been a test subject one time to many.”

            “You weren’t a test subject.” I protested.  “It was accidental, and it wouldn’t have happened if you weren’t trying to be a smartass.”

            “It doesn’t matter.  She’s going to have to pick someone else.”

            “I’ll do it.”  Angel was nice enough to volunteer.  “I’m sick of listening to that crybaby.”

            Believe it or not, Bret wasn’t at all offended, which meant he must have heard it before.

            “What do you want me do?” she asked Jamey.

            “I want to change things up a bit.”  Jamey said.  “Run in the yard directly parallel to the drive way.”

            “Um, okay.”  That affirmation was quite tentative.  Angel was apparently starting to have second thoughts, so much for the comment about Bret being a crybaby.

            Angel walked further out in the yard so slowly that even a snail would’ve beaten her in a footrace.  Yeah, she was scared.  Then again, I’ve never had magic actually used on me except for Debra’s mind reading silliness, so I probably would have been a little scared myself.

            “You could move a little faster,” Jamey chided her.  “I know that it is daylight savings time but I would like to be home before the sun goes down.”

            “Shut up,” was Angel’s response, but she started to run, and man it was the funniest thing I had ever seen.  For someone who was a cheerleader and knew a lot about dance, she had to be the most ungraceful runner I had ever seen.  She looked like a two legged elephant, and she stopped when she noticed all three of us laughing. We did not even give her the dignity of trying to hide it.

            “What you laughing at?” she asked dangerously.

            “Nothing,” Jamey said quickly.  She glanced at us and we quickly stifled our laughter.  “Just continue.” 

            Angel continued on, and after a few seconds Jamey basically copied what I had done before.   Her movements weren’t exactly the same as mine because while I what had done was more of a defense gesture, her movements were totally about offense.  Angel suddenly stopped like someone had pressed the pause button on a DVD player.  Angel was frozen in mid stride.  It wasn’t a good look for her, and I wish I had a camera so I could capture the moment for next time she felt the need to be silly.   Of course, Bret had to make matters worse by picking up the water hose and dowsing her with water.  Now, she looked like a wet two legged elephant. 

            “That wasn’t very nice,” Jamey said.

            “She’ll get over it.”

            “Not before she beats you down,” I said.

            “It won’t be the first time.”  Wasn’t that the truth?  “So you have the same powers as Val?”

            “Not exactly,” she answered.

            “Actually, it’s more like she copied what I did.”  It was exactly as I had figured from the dream I had the previous evening.  “Am I close?”

            She nodded.  “I can copy any spell that I see in with my own eyes.”

            “So that means that you can now do that freeze thing for now on.”

            “Unfortunately, I can only copy a spell once.  For me to be able to do it again, Val would have to recast it.”

            “Well that is kind of unfortunate,” Angel said.  The spell must have worn off.  She quickly went up to Bret and started punching him in the arm.  Unlike normal, he didn’t complain, but he did wince and rub his arm in apparent pain. 

            “No complaints,” Angel said even though he wasn’t saying a word.  “I didn’t hit you anywhere near as hard as she does.”  She pointed directly at me with that last statement.  Manners were never her strong point. 

            “How did you feel, all frozen like that?”  Jamey asked her.

            For once, Angel didn’t have a quick witted response, even though she had yet to have such a response since she showed up.  She actually thought for a suitable answer.

            “It’s kind of weird,” she said.  “I could hear everything around me.  I even felt being sprayed by that jackass over there.  I just couldn’t move, not even my eyes.”

“Yeah,” Bret agreed.  “It’s like time stopped for me, but it kept moving for everyone else.”  He looked at me.  “I thought you only could heal and kill people.”

“That’s a great way to describe it,” I retorted.

“Well, that’s kind of what it is.”  Angel said.  “I can only think of once where I’ve seen you use the magic without actually killing someone, and that was Caleb.  You came pretty damn close to killing him I recall.”

The mention of that name made Bret shiver.  Caleb was Bret’s best friend, or he use to be.  I could neither remember the last time Bret talked to him, nor could I blame him if he hadn’t.  Sending his brother to assault, for lack of a better word, the girl he liked, and then later trying to kill her and his own girlfriend, Angel, at the time would have that effect on people.  Bret was trying to be the bigger person considering that the two of them had been friends since they were five, but it was difficult.  I didn’t think he was succeeding.      

“What is she talking about?” Jamey asked. 

“Nothing,” I said.  Changing the subject, I asked, “How long have you been able to do that?”

“For as long as I can remember,” she said.  She then told us, like most little girls, she used to like to try to copy everything her mother did.  Apparently that included the use of magic because, according to Jamey, her mother used her magical abilities constantly.   It was surprising to everyone in her family that she too was able to use those abilities, at least at first.  Having little toddlers being able to copy magic abilities was quite dangerous, and after Jamey came dangerously close to burning down her house, her mother stopped using the magic all together which- until now-ended Jamey’s ability to use her magic. 

             “My dad nicknamed me Mimic,” she finished.

            “That’s creepily fitting,” Angel said.  No kidding.

            “I thought the ability to use magic wasn’t genetic,” Bret asked me.

            “That’s what I was told.”

            “Well, I think there’s only one person to ask about it,” Angel said.

            “I’ll ask her later.”

            “Why not ask her now?”  Bret asked. “You could call her couldn’t you?

            “I don’t feel like talking to her today.”

            The ringing of my cell phone interrupted the conversation.  I didn’t know who really could have been calling me, unless it was the store.  They shouldn’t even have bothered because it wasn’t like I was going to go in and work, but I wasn’t lucky enough for it to be the store. 

            “Val.  How are you?”  The voice on the other end was quite familiar.

            “Hello, Debra,” I said rolling my eyes while Bret and Angel snickered.  “What can I do for you?”

            “So much for not wanting to talk to her,” Bret said to the other two.  I responded by punching him square in the bicep.  He yelped in pain, because I had hit him quite hard.

            “Stop beating up your boyfriend and listen,” Debra said.

            “How did you know that?” I asked.  “I thought you could only read minds when you’re in physical contact with that person.”

            “Because that’s what you’re always doing,” she said.  “It didn’t take mind reading to figure that out.”

            “Okay, what is it?”

            “I need you to come over right away,” she said.  “It’s about Angel’s friend.”

            “You have some good timing.  She’s standing three feet from me.  Why don’t I bring her along?”

            “That would actually be perfect.”

            “Can you tell me what this is about?”

            “It would be better if I showed you,” she said.  “Get here quickly.”  Without further explanation, as usual, she hung up.

I turned and looked at Jamey. “We’ve been summoned.”  She looked confused.

“Why?” Angel asked.

“She didn’t say.  She’s never very forthcoming with details and wanted the two of us at her house like yesterday.”

“Well, I’m going too,” Angel said.  It was a demand and not a request.

“So am I,” Bret said.  “This could be trouble.”

Knowing Debra the way I knew her, it would definitely be trouble.

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