Cinnamon vs. The Devil (Part 1)

Cinnamon sat at the desk in her room in apprehension, waiting for him to show, and she had no doubt about him showing.  He had promised as much two weeks prior and Cinnamon didn’t think there was any chance he would stand her up.  He had enjoyed the thought of coming back to see her, and she thought back to what had happened just two weeks earlier, when she was sitting in the exact same place and he showed up uninvited to her bedroom.

            It was late that Thursday evening and Cinnamon sat at her desk writing in her diary.  She thought about how pathetic it was that she didn’t have anything juicy to record, nothing that, if she was ever to become famous, would ever end up in an autobiography.  It was also sad she would be spending the weekend alone, again.  It was a common occurrence for her, and not because she didn’t have the looks.  In reality she was quite pretty.  She had shiny, long red hair that most girls her age, seventeen, would die for.  Her green eyes sparkled, and guys at school said she had a smile that would light up an entire class room.  Yet, she hadn’t went on one date for the entire three years and three months she had been in high school, but she wasn’t one to deal in self pity.  She was quite happy to spend the weekends alone as long as she didn’t have to go to all the parties with the girls she hated so much.  At least, that was what she kept telling herself.  It was what had gotten her through the last couple of years, but reality was really harsh as she secretly wished she was one of them.

            Cinnamon attended St. John’s High School, an exclusive private school in Newark which was a suburb of Wilmington, Delaware.   She had been born and raised in Newark, but she could have sworn, from the way the girls at school treated her, she was from another planet.  Yet, she knew why they treated her this way.  The only way her dad could afford for her to go to St. John’s was because he wasn’t paying a dime for it.  She had earned an academic scholarship, which was different from most of the girls-and most everyone for that matter-she went to school with.  They were all a bunch of rich kids, and they acted the part to the hilt.  Having a sense of entitlement was just as in style as wearing Versace, or what ever they were wearing.  It wasn’t like Cinnamon had any clue, but it also wasn’t like Cinnamon didn’t know how to dress.  As a matter of fact, if she had gone to a public school, she would have been fine.  Besides, Cinnamon had an addiction to color coordination.  However, at St. John’s, looking like she had bought her clothes at Target or the Buffalo Exchange wasn’t really going to endear her to those people.

It did not help she was smarter than everyone else, and they knew it, but it was not because Cinnamon went out of her way to let everyone know it.  As a matter of fact, she was quite shy and didn’t talk to most anyone in school.  She had been that way since her mother had died five years earlier.  Her dad was never home because he was always working.  The mortgage had to be paid, and Cinnamon liked having a big enough room that she was able to keep her nice television, computer, and stereo.  An apartment would not do, but Cinnamon paid for most of her own expenses.  The Nissan Sentra she drove was the only thing her dad had bought for her, and the upkeep of her car kept her wallet relatively empty.  Working at a grocery store did not produce enough money to be able to afford high end fashion.  

So she sat at her desk writing about next to nothing when a stiff breeze gave her chills.  Normally, that would have made her get up and check the windows to make sure they were closed, however she didn’t because she knew she had checked them before she left for school this morning, and she did not remember opening them when she got home.  She continued writing about her endless crush on David, a guy who didn’t even know she was alive, at least not in the way she wanted, when she again felt the cold breeze.  That time it was a little stronger than the last.   She could have sworn she had left the window closed.  She turned and looked at the window, but it was closed just as it should have been.  Cinnamon was confused, and she got up and walked over to the window.  She pulled up on it a couple of times, but the window was locked tight as it should have been.  It was late fall, and the North East wasn’t a place where people left their windows open at night unless they wanted to catch the flu.  Not getting any answers, she sat back down at her desk and picked up her pen to continue writing, but before she could make the first stroke on paper, the breeze returned stronger than ever, blowing the pages in Cinnamon’s diary. 

This annoyed Cinnamon so much she jumped out of the chair, but upon turning she saw a figure sitting on her bed.  It was a male with dark hair and eyes and wearing all black from head to toe.  Cinnamon was more curious about the way he was dressed than how he ended up in her bedroom.  No self respecting teenager would be caught dead in that get up.  She just stood staring at him like he was some kind of idiot.

“It’s about time you noticed my presence,” he said.  “I thought you would keep me waiting until the morning.”

“Get real,” she said in response.  “You and I both know you just now showed up.  Now, who the hell are you and why are you here?”

Her response resulted in a chuckle.  “I’m sorry to have kept you waiting, but I had to find an appearance that was much easier on the eyes than my true form.”

He then started to shape shift changing from the person he was to many different guys.  Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Vin Diesel, or Anderson Cooper.  It didn’t matter which one, and the changes were smooth and effortless.  Cinnamon sat back in her chair, horrified.  He finally settled on an Ashton Kutcher look a like.  However, he was still wearing the head to toe black clothing.  After his wardrobe changes, he just smiled.

“Ashton Kutcher?” Cinnamon asked him.  “Is that the best you could come up with?”

“What’s wrong with him?  I thought all girls your aged like him.”

“I hate Ashton Kutcher,” she said with disdain.

 “Is he not good enough looking for you?”

“I never said he wasn’t good looking,” Cinnamon answered.  “I just don’t like him.  Anyone who comes up with the Punk’d concept doesn’t deserve to be taken seriously.”

 The guy didn’t respond right away.  He just sat there taking a deep consideration of what she said. 

“Maybe this will be better for you.”  He then started to shift his appearance again.  The process was slower, but when it was all done, he had become the splitting image of David, Cinnamon’s secret crush.  The blond hair, blue eyes, the perfectly build, and the smile were identical to David’s looks, but he still wore the black get-up.  He sat their smiling like he had just won a gold medal.  Cinnamon was not impressed.

“I’m surprised you even know who he is,” she said. 

“I know everything,” he responded with a sly smile.

“So you’re God now?”

He regarded her closely.  “Well, I guess you could say that.  The more accurate description would be I’m the opposite of God. Cinnamon, you’re not an imbecile, so you know what that means.”

It was the first time he had used her name since he’s shown himself.   Much to Cinnamon’s surprise, she was not the least bit afraid of him.  She had not moved from her chair, and looked him right in the eyes, something that even surprised him.  No one had ever done that before, and he realized she wasn’t one who would be easy to win over.

  “So,” Cinnamon started.  “You haven’t yet explained why the Devil himself is sitting on my bed late at night.  Shouldn’t you be down in Hell doing, well, what ever you do down there?”

He flashed a perfectly white toothed smile and said, “The Devil sounds so awful and I’m trying to improve my image.  Why don’t you call me Luc?”

“If it makes you feel better, then whatever.  Besides, I didn’t think the King of Darkness, or whatever people call you these days, would be worried about his image.”

Luc’s façade shifted then, as if he was happening trouble keeping it together.  It had only lasted a second, but it was long enough for Cinnamon to get a glimpse of his true form.  It was monstrous and totally different from any of the pictures that she had seen of the fallen angel over the years.  It was supposed to be horrifying, but to her it wasn’t.  She realized why.  Luc hadn’t moved an inch, except for changing his appearance since he appeared in her bed room.  He just sat on the bed with his hands in his lap and other than his facial impressions he didn’t move an inch, not even to shift his weight.  It gave her reassurance.

“Okay, Luc,” she said.  “You still haven’t explained why you are here, and I’m starting to get a little pissed off.   I have other things to do.”

“What do you have to do other than writing lies in your diary?”

Cinnamon paused and frowned at him.  Luc had definitely hit a nerve.  Cinnamon wouldn’t call what she put in her diary lies.  She was well aware that if she had lied in her diary, then she would be lying to herself.  However, she did lightly stretch the truth sometimes.  Even when she did, it was only so just so her life would be at least a little more bearable in her eyes.  To her, those were not outright lies.

   Luc, however, had shown his hand.  He had just made it clear to her that he would lie to her in a moment’s notice, even over something trivial.  It didn’t really surprise her.  After all, he was supposed to be the devil.  Honesty was not a part of his reputation.

“You are full of it,” she said.  “You know as well as I do there are no lies in my diary.”

“Some people might not think so.”

“Why would that matter?  I’m supposed to be the only one who will ever see it.”  Luc had yet to impress her.  She continued.  “I’m still waiting.”

“I’ll get to it in a second,” he said.  He still hadn’t moved, not even to flinch.  “First, you have yet to invite me in.  I’m sure you mother is rolling in her grave because of your lack of manners.”

Cinnamon didn’t miss a beat in her response.  “If you’re who you say you are, you should well know my mother is.”

“I do,” he confirmed.  “She’s a very nice lady.  It’s too bad I didn’t get to spend a lot of time with her.”

That made Cinnamon smile for a number of reasons.  He also amused her immensely.  Luc was surprisingly personable for someone who was supposed to be the most hated person on earth.

“So are you going to invite me in or not?” he asked.


“Good.  Finally, I can walk around.”  He stood up and walked around her room, stretching his legs.  When he stood, his legs cracked as if he had been sitting there for months, but after a couple of steps, he was walking around like a normal person.  “This is a nice setup you have here,” he said.  “I’m quite impressed.”

Cinnamon was having none of it.  “Get on with it.  You might have all eternity to babble, but I don’t.”

He sighed.  “I’m here to change your life, Cinnamon.”

She was rightfully skeptical.  “How do you plan on doing that?”

He thought nothing of her question.  “It’s quite easy actually, but first, let’s look at your life as it stands now.  You and your dad struggle just to make ends meet.  You have to work numerous hours just to keep that lemon you drive running.  No one at school notices you, or even cares about you, including the guy you like so much.  There is a big party going on tomorrow night, and not only were you not invited, you didn’t even know about it.   I guess all you planned to do this weekend was just work and write more pathetic lies in your diary.”

His insistence on saying she lied in her diary irritated her, but she didn’t show it, allowing him to continue on. 

“I can put an end to all that for you and change your life as you know it.  I can make you the talk of the town.    Everyone will love you.”

“Sounds interesting,” Cinnamon said.  “Now what’s the catch?”

“Why does there have to be a catch?”

“You don’t expect me to believe that you showed up here just to offer me this without wanting anything in return.  Or do you?”

He laughed.  “Let’s just say two weeks from tonight, I’ll stop by and we’ll go out on a date.”

“Please, you’ve got to be kidding.”

“I’m serious.  You don’t even have to worry about me standing you up.  I know David did it to you once.  Have you even been on one date in the last four years?”

Luc had hit a nerve, and he knew it.  He sat there smiling evilly, while Cinnamon seethed.  He knew she hadn’t gone on a date since junior high school.  Still, the event he spoke of wasn’t actually a date.  She didn’t think David was desperate.  He had come to her in school and said he wanted to hang out with her.  Of course he had barely spoken to her before then, and as a result she had conjured all sorts of fantasies about what they would do together.  David shot all that down when he later informed her he didn’t just want to hang out with her.  He was seeking her out because she was the smartest girl in her class, and he wanted her help with Calculus, a subject in which he was struggling.  He then proceeded to break her heart even more by not even showing up.  She cried for hours, and even though she would later admit that he had a good reason for not showing, it didn’t change how much pain it had caused her. 

“I have one condition,” she said effectively admitting defeat to herself.  “You have to guarantee David will fall in love with me, or there is no deal.”


Cinnamon was a little taken aback by how quickly agreed to her counterproposal, and it immediately made her a little suspicious.  However, after thinking it over, she had come to a decision.

“It’s a deal,” she said.

“Great,” Luc said.  “I’ll come back in two weeks at about the same time, and we’ll have out date.”  She frowned at him, and he said.  “Don’t worry.  We’ll have fun together.”

“Just as long as you hold up you end of the bargain.”

“I think you will enjoy it.”

“So what happens now?  Do I have to sign my name in blood or something?”

He chuckled.  “I think you watch too many movies.  A hand shake will do.”  He stuck out his hand.  However, Cinnamon was horrified at the thought of touching him.  “Don’t worry, I don’t bite, at least not unless you want me to.”

Cinnamon laughed at his nerve, and shook his hand.  He was surprisingly warm.  She had expected him to burn her hand, but instead, he felt like a normal human.

“Sleep well, Cinnamon,” he said.  “When you wake up everything will change for you.  I’ll see you again in two weeks.”

He then disappeared, leaving her sitting there in shock.  After he was gone, she got ready for bed all the while thinking about what the next day would bring.

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Short Story
writing ajodom
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A girl makes a deal with the Devil, but things don't turn out to be as good as he had promised them to be.
A Word from the Writer
This is my first attempt at a short story. Hopefully it entertains everyone.