Black Magic - Chapter 8

Chapter 8


        Before I had arrived at school Friday morning, I had went through about three different kinds of emotions that I thought I had needed to see a psychologist.  I wasn’t much company at school, and everyone seemed to avoid me except Angel, Caleb, Blaine, and, of course, Bret.  With the exception of Bret, I really didn’t want to be around them.  I started out feeling hurt, and when I got over that I started to get really confused.  Then, I started to get angry, and boy was I pissed.  To say that I was mad enough to kill would be an understatement, and consider that I had more than the means to make that happen, I was actually started to plan accordingly.  
        However, by the time I had gotten to school, I had started to wonder about why.  Why did this happen?  What brought about these turn of events that someone had to sick their half brother on me?  Oh I knew Scott was sent to make my life miserable.  We didn’t know each other, so it wasn’t as if we had run into each other by coincidence.  Someone had to tell him what was going on.  That conclusion was simple.  He knew that Bret and I were on our way of becoming an inseparable pair, and as a matter of fact, Scott flat out made a comment about me dating someone who he thought I shouldn’t, specifically a white guy.  I didn’t know him, and the fact that he was asking the gas station cashier about me, meant that he didn’t know me either.  Yet, he knew that I had gone out on a date with a white guy, so that meant that someone had to tell him.  I didn’t know why I kept ignoring that.  As a matter of fact, I had missed it more that once.  I had an idea, but it wasn’t anything that would stand up in court.    
        Despite all my multitude of feelings, my day on Friday started out rather normal, considering how it ended.  After the normal family shenanigans at breakfast, I arrived at school with only one thing on my mind, getting through the weekly English test.  As much as I had studied this past week, I still wasn’t confident because I had no clue what was going to be on it.   Mrs. Ross had given out a lot of information the last two weeks and she didn’t make it any easier by giving us any clues as to what to focus on.  With that in mind, I spent the time on my way to my locker thinking about just about everything that I had looked over the past two weeks.  I predicted that I wasn’t going to be able to keep up as the year went on.
        I found Bret waiting for me at my locker.  He was a little early.  He didn’t usually show up until right before class started.  He was dressed like he normally was and wasn’t wearing the blue and gold school colors that seemed to be the norm on Fridays.  Then again, he doesn’t play a fall sport so he no reason to wear any of that stuff.  Even Angel didn’t wear her cheerleading outfit last Friday since she was on the winter squad.  Bret quickly flashed a smile, and stood up straight as I approached.  He seemed to be in a really good mood, and after we greeted each other, which included him wrapping me in a big hug, I told him as much.
        “I’m excited about the game tonight,” he said.  Too be honest he seemed too excited.
        “Bret,” I said.  “It’s just a football game.  It’s not the seventh game of the World Series.”
         “So what?” he asked as I opened my locker and fumbled inside.  “It’s our first home game of the year, and besides, we actually have the chance to win the championship this year.”
        As much as I wanted to make fun of him for being like a little kid, I couldn’t.  At my last school, winning a championship in football never crossed anyone’s mind.  They weren’t horribly bad, but they weren’t great either so I could totally understand his excitement.
        “Maybe you should channel that excitement towards the test that we’ll both be taking in about ten minutes,” I said as I found what I needed and shut my locker.
        “I’m not worried about that,” he said dismissively.  “If I worry about it too much, I’ll screw it up.  I just want to get it over with.”   That was one way to think about it.  He grabbed my hand and we started to walk to class.  We weren’t in any kind of hurry because we had plenty of time.
        “So how about we go out to eat alone after the game?” Bret asked.
        “What happened to the whole double dating thing?”
        “Nothing,” he said.  “It is just that there is only so much of the two of them together I can take before they drive me up the wall.”
        I had never known that he had felt that way before, and he had certainly done a good job of hiding it.  
        “What do you mean?”  I asked.
        “Come on, you’ve seen how they are when they are together,” Bret said.  “They are either making out to the point that I feel like I’m watching the Playboy Channel, or they are screaming at each other.  It’s either one extreme or the other.”
        It was an interesting analysis because I wouldn’t have categorized their relationship that way.  I haven’t seen them be anything but respectful to each other.  Sure, they have their moments, and they were quick to take their fair share of shots at each other.  However, that was all in fun and I couldn’t say that it was any different than Bret and me.  Even when I thought that they were putting on an act, it seemed to be no different than I was sure how people saw the two of us.
        I told Bret that I disagreed, and he came back with, “Just wait a while.  They’ve been on their best behavior the last couple of weeks.  I’m sure it won’t take long for them to get back to normal.”
        As juicy as that information was, it didn’t really change anything.  They were both two type A personalities.  They were bound to have their conflicts.  That didn’t mean that I wasn’t making note of that information and saving it for future use.  
        “That shouldn’t matter anyway,” I said to him.  “All of your attention should be focused on me anyway.”
        “True.” He was a little too quick to agree, which meant that he actually didn’t.  “Something tells me that they will try to dominate things though as usual.”
        “You make it sound like they do it on purpose.”
        “No, that is usually how things end up.  Sometimes I’m not even sure that they should be together.  They are too much the same.”
        That was another way that my assessment disagreed with his.  There wasn’t any way that I would have said that they were alike.  As a matter of fact, I would have said that they were total opposites.  Caleb seemed way too laid back, or more disconnected to just about everything, and Angel seemed to take things too seriously.  This discussion seemed to take such a tone that I could have compared it with the discussion that Angel and I had on the first day of school about Bret and Kendra.  Bret was saying now, what Angel was saying then.  The two couples in question had no business being together but for totally different reasons.  As much as I wanted to, I could not really argue the point.  He knew the two of them a lot better than I did, so I was sure that he had way more exposure to the two of them than I would ever want to have.  
        “Well,” I said.  “We just have to make sure we don’t let those two become the center of attention.”
        “A lot easier said than done.”
        “Oh come on,” I joked with him.  “You’re not giving up all ready are you.  You don’t strike me as one who will give up without a fight.”
        “I’m not,” he said.  “You’ll understand tonight.”
        It was funny because at the time that we had the discussion, he didn’t have any clue as to how right he would end up being.  We had gotten to English class with a few minutes to spare and we inside and took out seats.  When class finally did start, the first thing we did was take the test.  Of course it turned out that I was a lot more prepared that I thought I was.  I think I finished the test way too quickly, which usually would send off warnings that I might not have done as well on the Test than I thought.  However, this time I thoroughly checked my answers and I couldn’t find any obvious mistakes.  I don’t think that there would have been a place to make any obvious mistakes, however.  The test was not multiple choice.  We had to actually write the definitions to the Shostak words that Mrs. Ross had chosen for this week’s test, so guessing was really not going to get anyone anywhere.  It was either we knew the definition or we didn’t.  I was dreading the end of the year when we would have a lot more information to be responsible for.  These tests were going to be brutal.  After everyone was done, with Bret finishing not to long after I did, Mrs. Ross went back to her lecture, and at the end of class she reminded us that we had about a week before our first papers were due.  This wasn’t something that I had forgotten but instead put on the back burner.  I already had a good idea as to what I was going to write, so I wasn’t stressing about that too much.  
        After class, Bret walked me to my next class, and he was even in higher spirits than he was before class.  Then again, I was too, now that I had gotten the test out of the way.   We got to my next class without anything significant happening.  As a matter of fact nothing really big happened up until Advanced Biology.  Blaine and I were finishing up our cat dissecting and we had made pretty good time with the work.  We had an extra week before we actually had to have the lab completed.
        That prompted Blaine to ask, “Why don’t we slow down?  We’re setting ourselves up for a pretty boring week.”
        I had to agree with that.  We stopped working and he asked.  “So are you looking forward to the first home game of the season?”
        “About as excited as I can get about a football game,” I answered.  
        “You don’t seem to be that excited.”
        “Probably not as much as everyone else, and spare me the reasons why everyone is so excited.  I’ve been informed.”
        “I’m just saying, aren’t you and Bret going together.”
        I wasn’t sure why he was asking that.  I was sure that he knew the answer, but I played along anyway.  I had to keep up appearances just like everyone else.  “Of course, I am.”
       “Then you shouldn’t be so shocked that it’s surprising that you’re not that excited.”
        “Not really.  We won’t be alone, at least at the game we won’t.  Angel and Caleb are going to be with us.”
        “Oh.”  Blaine said.  It seemed that he totally understood why I supposedly wasn’t that excited.  
        “What?” I responded.
        “It’s just that,” Then he paused.  “The two of them together can be pretty draining sometimes.”  Why was I the only one who couldn’t see that?  They seemed perfectly normal except for small things that I had seen at some point in every relationship.
        “You know Bret said the same thing earlier,” I said exasperated.  “He said that they we all ways at one extreme or the other and seemed to grab all of the attention.  I just don’t see it.”
        “Well he’s had a lot of experience dealing with the two of them.”
        “So do you.  Do you agree with him?”
        “I would say that is pretty accurate.”  I couldn’t believe that I had misread their relationship that badly.   Blaine continued, “Bret is usually pretty good at making personality judgments.”  That was easy for him to say for someone who supposedly didn’t know Bret all that well.
        “Well he also said that they were too much alike in personality.  Was he right or did I misread that too?”
        “If you mean that they both can be mean, vile, and huge drama queens at times?  Yeah, you misread that too.”
        As much as I can say that Angel was all of those things, I couldn’t believe that about Caleb.  It just seemed so out of place.  The funny part was that if both of what he and Bret were saying was true then it means that they act more like brother and sister than a couple.  I would almost say best friends, but best friends sometimes become couples, so I wasn’t sure if anything was wrong with it..  
        “If they were such bad people,” I said.  “How come you were such good friends with them for a while?”
        “I never said that they were bad people,” he answered.  “I just meant that they had some very undesirable personality traits that can make them a little hard to take at times.  Everyone has those.  It’s when the undesirables far outweigh the desirables is when it becomes a problem.  Sure the two of them can be pains in the ass sometimes, but they both have a lot more redeeming qualities.
        “They are way too alike in personality that a lot of the time it can be big trouble, and since they both love to be the center of attention, it usually doesn’t happen in private.”
        “And do you feel that they ultimately aren’t right for each other like Bret does?”
        He thought about his answer before he responded.  “I wouldn’t say that.  Even though they argue a lot, their arguments aren’t damaging.  They are just annoying for everyone else.  It’s like they argue but deep down they really like each other. You know there are some couples that only survive by constantly arguing.  I think that they are one of those, even though it’s not healthy.”  Even though he might be right, I didn’t believe a word of it based on what I then knew that I hadn’t told anyone.


            Later on that day after school and after I had finished my normal after school routine, I was sitting in my room on the computer when I had the distinct feeling that I should call Debra.  I didn’t have a specific reason for calling her, but I just had the feeling that I had to do it.  Actually, it wasn’t as if I had anything else to do for the moment.  I hadn’t really decided how to handle the situation which was laid out in front of me.  I figured that I would let them come to me.  They would have to do it eventually, because I had no intention of ending my relationship with Bret.  The whole goal in the first place was to get me to stop seeing Bret.  It was a wonder that no one even tried to stop Bret from seeing me, probably because that would have been a lost cause.  Of course it also said that I was being seriously underestimated.  I had to have been.  There was no other explanation as to why someone would think that sending some nasty dude to try to scare me out seeing Bret would actually work.  My other reason for calling her was that I was looking for a little reassurance on what I should be doing.  I still had some reservations that I would actually be able to control the magic when using it in anger, even though I’ve shown myself to be in great control of my abilities the last couple days.  
        Debra answered the phone on the second ring, and after I identified myself she said, “What are you having problems with the magic all ready?”
        “You mean other that having the ability in the first place?” I asked in return.  “No I’m not having any more problems, at least, not yet.”
        “So then what is the problem?”
        I then told her what I had learned from the Hot Detective the previous night.  It didn’t take long because there wasn’t much to tell.  Of course, she probably knew what I was going to tell her.  Her response didn’t show that she was surprised any anyway.
        “I’m still failing to see what the problem is here.”
        “God.  I know that you are a mind reader,” I said annoyed.  “But can’t you at least try to act surprised when I tell you something.”
        She didn’t respond to my actual statement but instead took a different route.  “You seem to be a little unsure of certain things,” she said.  “Even though, what you actually doubt is not very clear.”
        I knew what she was saying.  I had so many things going on in my mind that even she probably had a rough time trying to straighten it out.  
        She continued on.  “You seem to have a handle on the reasons of why you were put into a position to use the magic in the way you did, but you seem to doubt whether you’re actually on the right track.”
        “Well why don’t you just tell me whether I’m right or not so I can stop worrying?”
        “Because I don’t actually know whether you are right or not.  I haven’t had contact with everyone involved.”
        That really wasn’t the answer I wanted to hear, but I continued on.  “You said that you haven’t had contact with everyone involved, so you’ve had contact with at least one of them.”  That was more of a statement than a question, and she didn’t deny it.
        “You are right,” she confirmed.  “I did meet one of them, but not with the person with whom you say is the culprit.”
        “How did you meet this person, since you won’t tell me who the person is?”
        It was her turn to get annoyed.  “I haven’t told you who the person is because you already know.”  She sighed, “Your insistence on asking questions that you already know the answer to is quite irritating.
        “Look, I’m not saying that you’re on the right track because of any magical mind reading ability.  The answer is actually not that difficult.  Think of it like taking a multiple choice test.  I’m sure that every teacher has always said that your first answer is always the best answer.  It’s probably why every teacher you’ve had have told you not to change your answer on a multiple choice test unless you are absolutely sure that you first answer is not the correct one.  It’s true here too.  The first explanation you came up with is probably the right one.  Also don’t over think it.  When presented with multiple possibilities, the simplest explanation is most likely the correct one.”
        I laughed.  “Could you misquote Sherlock Holmes any worse?”
        “Maybe, but you understand my point.”
        “Ok.  Is there anything else that I need to know?”
        “Just have faith in yourself that you will do the right thing?”
        “Why would I do otherwise?”
        “I told you that you are going to have a decision to make.  If you remember everything that I’ve told you, you should be fine.”
        She didn’t explain any further, and with that last piece of advice, if you could call it that, she hung up.
        I spent the next few minutes getting ready.  It didn’t take long.  I had already showered after I finished my run, and I only spent the usual amount of time doing my hair after I was dressed.  I again wore my hair down.  It seemed fitting for some reason that really couldn’t be explained, but I went with it.  I was impressed with the way the final product ending up looking.  Deep down I was just as vain as everyone else, as much as I tried to convince myself otherwise, and I was satisfied that I could more than hold my own with the girls in school, now that I have seen them. 
        Bret showed up about twenty minutes later, and as much I try not to make that much of big deal of how much of stud he was, he seemed to have out done himself on this particular night, and I was silently, for the first time, congratulating myself on my taste in men.   Of course, his reaction to me was almost just as comical as it was cute.  After I answered the door and he took his first look at me, whatever he was about to say got stuck in his throat, and he stood there with his mouth hanging open.  At any second he would have started to drool, I decided to spare him the embarrassment.  
        “You can pick your lower lip off the ground now,” I said.
        He recovered quickly, and he smiled flashing those pearly whites that he was famously known for.  “Hi you look great.”
        “I went through all this and that is the best you could come up with?” I jokingly asked him.
        “How about stunning, beautiful, and sexy,” he said as he wrapped me in a warm hug.
        “Oh, don’t stop there,” I said enjoying every word he said.  He didn’t disappoint and kept right on using adjectives that even I wouldn’t have thought to use.  I let him go on for a couple of more minutes until it started to get a little gross before stopping him, and when he let me go from his embrace I noticed that he had parked directly behind my car.  
        “Why don’t you park your truck behind my dad’s car?” I asked him.  My dad had gotten home while I was getting dressed.  “We’ll take my car.”
        “What?”  This had caught him off guard.  “You mean we are actually going to use your car?
        “I have a full tank of gas, and it’s not like we are going to be going all that far.”  I paused before adding, “Don’t get too excited.  You’re still driving.”
        He looked at me for a second before responding.  “What’s going on with you?  You must be sick or something.”  He felt my forehead like he was trying to see if I had a fever.  “Yeah, you feel kind of hot, and looking it too.  I hope whatever you got is not contagious.”
        “Oh, please,” I said pushing him away.  “Just move your eye sore of a truck.”
        “Eye sore?” he asked, though he did turn to do as I had asked.  “What’s wrong with it?”
        “Look at it,” I answered him.  “It’s so big that it takes up over half of my parent’s driveway.  Sometimes I think you’re overcompensating for something.”
        He laughed at that good naturedly, but didn’t respond.  I think it was a good idea that he didn’t because I had a clue as to what he would have come back with and it wouldn’t have been a wise thing to say.  He ended up moving his truck and parking it on the street instead of behind my dad’s Mercedes.  As he again got out of his truck, my mom showed up and parked up directly behind Dad’s car.    She waited on him as he made his way up the driveway.  I closed the front door and watched them walk up as Bret charmed my mother.  He sure had a way with women that showed up in the uncanny of moments.  It wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t seem to have a roaming eye like most guys his age, I would have had to put him on a leash.
        “I don’t know what you are talking about, Bret,” Mom said as the two of them met me at the front door.  “She looks fine to me.”  My look of confusion quickly turned to an all out glare with Bret as the target.  
        If my look had any effect on him, he sure didn’t show it.  “Well I know that she looks very beautiful,” he said choosing his words carefully while speaking to my mom.  “The fact the she is actually letting me drive her car, especially with her in it, is cause for concern.  Something is definitely wrong here.”
        My mom looked at me and laughed, so much for parents sticking up for their kids.  “I see what you mean.  That is definitely a cause for concern.  Maybe she should just stay home if she is so sick.  I’m sure her dad would love to work a couple of more hours today.”
        Bret, not surprisingly, changed his tune after that.  “Oh I don’t think it’s that bad.  It’s probably more mental.”
        Before Mom could respond I said, “Enjoy it while you can pretty boy.  It’s not like an opportunity like this will come often.”
        “That’s why I’m getting all of the mileage out of this that I can.”
        “Ok,” Mom said exasperated.  “I think I’ve heard about enough.  You two are going to drive me crazy.”
        “Well at least it’s over something trivial and not something serious,” I said.
        “The night is not over yet and the two of you are still together,” she pointed out.  “I’m sure the two of you will give ample reasons to drive your dad and me crazy.”
        “That’s what teenagers do,” Bret said.
        “Yeah I know.  At the rate her brother is going I’m going to end up at County Mental Health.”  Wasn’t that the truth?  I think my brother has that effect on everyone.  Mom then turned to me.  “What time are you coming home tonight?”
        “What?  You mean you are actually giving me a choice?”
        The interaction between Mom and me must have really amused Bret.  I’ve never seen him smile so much, and he did it a lot all ready. 
        “I was trying to see if you would come up with something reasonable.”  However, she still didn’t give me a curfew.  That said a lot about how much trust she had for the two of us.  “You two be careful and have fun.”
        “I’ll have her home safely.”
        Mom wasn’t impressed.  “I’m sure you will.  Just as I’m sure you know what would happen to you if you didn’t.” 
        Heh.  Even I hadn’t expected that, so I was sure that Bret didn’t either.  She didn’t give us chance to respond, effectively getting the last word, and walked into the house.  
        After the door shut behind her, I turned to Bret.
        “Think fast,” I said and quickly, but gently, tossed my keys to him.  He dropped them, much to my amazement.  “And you’re supposed to be the starting third baseman?”  I joked as he picked them up off the ground.  “I’d hate to see the rest of the team.”
        “Whatever.”  That was the best response he could come up with. “Let’s go.  Angel and Caleb are waiting on us.”
        “Please,” I said as I jumped into the passenger’s seat.  “The ability to be on time is not something I would call one of Angel’s assets.”
        “Maybe, that’s true, but I’m ready to go.”
        “You’re just ready to show off in front of everyone.”
        “What’s wrong with that?  If you weren’t trying to show off you wouldn’t look as good as you do.”  I had to concede that point.  Everyone in high school is kind of a show off in their own right.  I didn’t say anything else for the ride to campus except to warn Bret not to hit anything.


        It took us fifteen minutes to get to the stadium.  That included the time spent parking and actually walking to the field.  The field was on the far end of campus and it wasn’t visible from the school parking lot.  To get to it we had to cross every other athletic field on campus, and not mention the district’s warehouse that was kind out of place with all of the athletic fields.  I had thought that the school building was ugly, but this warehouse had it beat by a mile.  According to Bret, it stored all of the supplies order by the district for all of the schools.  I thought that was an interesting concept, considering my old school just ordered all of their supplies direct from the supplier.  Maybe that was why they were always over budget.  The building itself was pretty huge, and Bret also said that Caleb had an affinity for the place.  It seemed that this was usually his hide out whenever he cuts class.  I wouldn’t even have thought that was possible because I was sure that he would get caught.  However, it was explained to me that there was plenty of places to hide in there.  Since I had never been inside, I just had to take Bret’s word for it. 
        We were supposed to meet the other two at the gate and when we got there they were nowhere to be found.  As I had expected, the two of them were going to be late.  It was about another ten minutes before they actually showed up.  Bret and Caleb were dressed almost exactly alike, or maybe it was the fact that they were wearing their letterman jackets on what seemed to be a warm night that gave off that impression.  It must be a guy thing.  Those jackets seemed to be a rite of passage and had to be shown off at every opportunity.  It was the same at my old school, so I wasn’t too surprised to see it here.  
        We didn’t spend a whole lot of time talking outside of the gate, but getting inside the place and sitting down was kind of chore.  However, it wasn’t because of the amount of people, which was considerable, but because the three of them had to stop and talk to just about everyone we passed.  Some of the people I knew, but most of them I didn’t.  I think I met everyone from the baseball, softball, and basketball team in the twenty minutes it took us to find a place in the bleachers to sit.  I didn’t even mention the winter cheerleading squad which took another twenty minutes all by itself.  On the other hand I didn’t complain as it came with the territory of the three people I was with.  Too be honest I was actually enjoying every minute of it.  
        The game itself was a laugher.  It was a total rout as Spring Hill made their opponents look like a pee-wee squad.  It was awful, and the cheerleaders themselves could put an unconscious person to sleep as they were awful in whole different light.  The cheers were stupid, and they had no rhythm what so ever.  If Angel had been a part of that squad, she wouldn’t have heard the end of it from me.  
        Speaking of Angel, Bret stayed true to his word and kept the two of us separated.  Angel and I were sitting on the outside with Bret and Caleb in between us.  The boys must have discussed this earlier because the two of them had insisted on this seating arrangement.  However, their advanced planning had other consequences.  Angel and Caleb were behaving themselves as far as their preference for public affection was concerned, but Bret was right that their arguing could easily become insufferable.  However, at this point I wasn’t really complaining about it because like the game itself was any interesting.  I was treated to a pretty good show, and contrary to what would have been conventional wisdom, Caleb more than held his own was far as dealing with her.  I was expecting her to roll all over him, but he could dish it out just as well, and in some cases better, as he took it.  They had successfully made themselves the center of attention, and I was as much entertained as Bret was annoyed.  Even though, in Bret’s defense I could see how this could get old really quickly, so I understood his pain.  Everyone else, however, seemed to agree with me that it was quite entertaining, and it went on for about three quarters.  Even then, it only ended when Angel kind of took the low road, something that I saw coming when Caleb kept getting the best of her.  Angel doesn’t like losing at anything, especially verbal altercations, so he shouldn’t have been surprised, but she said something that was so bad, that Caleb actually got up, stormed off, and did not return.  I wasn’t even sure what was said, but it must have been pretty bad to elicit that kind of reaction.
        So we were stuck having to sit and watch a rout and incompetent cheerleaders for the last fifteen minutes.  How could a cheerleading squad be that bad?  Cheerleading is not rocket science.  I know.  I’ve done it.  I didn’t know a quarter of an hour could last so long, but it ended in a victory for us which none of us were complaining about.  Of course, as we headed out of the gate to the stadium, Caleb still hadn’t returned and as we started to walk to the front of campus, I had started to wonder if Angel had went a little too far this time.  
        However, that wasn’t discussed, but when we reached the warehouse with there still being no sign of Caleb, talk turned to looking for him.  
        “Why should we look for him?” Angel said.  “He’s just being unreasonable as usual.”  Not surprisingly, she refused to take any of the responsibility for his unreasonable actions.
        “Because if we don’t,” Bret started in response. “You will end up walking home, because I’m not giving you a ride.  It’s too out of the way.”
        “You seem to forget that you are actually driving my car, so you really don’t have a say in the matter,” I said to him.  “But I agree that we should find him.”
        “That won’t be too difficult,” Angel said.  “He’s probably where he always is.”
        “And where is that?” I asked.
        “He’s probably inside that dirty warehouse.  I still haven’t been able to figure out what he sees in the place.”  
        We walked around to the front of it, and, sure enough, the front door was open.  It was also apparent that the lock had been picked, but not damaged.  
        “Was climbing through an open window too hard?” I asked.  There was a window next to the door, and it had been left open.
        “If you are as adept at picking locks as he is,” Angel said. “Then climbing through a window is too hard.”
        “Especially as big as he is,” Bret agreed.  “Well, I had better go in there and go get him.”
        “No.”  I spoke with such force and conviction, while not being necessarily loud, that the two of them turned and look at me. “Angel should go in there and apologize to him.”
        “Do you think that is a good idea?” Bret asked.  “I’m sure she is the last person he wants to see right now.  Plus, I’m not too keen on her going in there alone.”
        “Who said anything about her going in there alone?” I protested.  “You go wait at the car, and I’ll go with her.  Besides didn’t you say yesterday that you don’t actually see the two of us as being helpless?”
        He didn’t respond immediately, but instead thought it over.  It didn’t take him long to come to a decision.  
        “Ok.” He gave me a quick on the cheek.  He then whispered one word in my ear, “Careful.”
        “I’m always careful,” I said even though what he said sent an unexplainable chill down my spine.
        “I know you are, but a reminder won’t hurt.”
        He didn’t say another word to me.  Instead he went to Angel and gave her a peck on the cheek, and unlike the previous time, she didn’t react in any way.  That didn’t stop Bret from also whispering what appeared to be one word in her ear.  It was probably the same thing he said to me.  Then before any of us could say anything else to him, he was gone walking down the sidewalk and turning the corner, heading toward the front of campus.  I wasn’t sure if he thought he had made the right decision, but it sure was a fateful one.  I was sure that everything that happened afterwards wouldn’t have happened had he walked in that warehouse.


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Chapter 8