With A Crush..by Michael
Emily had a crush on her science teacher in high school. He looked fairly young as usually teachers are a lot older than the students. This wasn't the case as Evan was only seven years beyond his students age. He just happened to be a genius on this subject and was hired to teach. Evan would privately tutor Emily at her home since she was slow in learning and at risk of failing this course of study. Her interest in him made the learning process much more easier, especially with his private tutoring at her home which mom and dad paid for. The final grade in her senior year was A + as after class was over, she privately thanked him for his help. Science then became her major interest as she went on to college. Two smiles lit up the room as Emily and Evan recognized each other from those high school days. He also had a crush on her, but it could not be displayed as it would jeopardize his teaching career. She is graduating with flying colors and entered the field of science research. A groundbreaking discovery by her of a new DNA molecular structure won her worldwide recognition. The now thirty two year old received a phone call from a now thirty nine year old professor of science. He had enough to retire early and was now ready to pursue the girl of his dreams. It was a beautiful wedding one year later as Emily and Evan concocted a new drink for their wedding toast...Maybe a teacher and a student learn from each other of what life is all about. A subject not talked about in school, but a lesson learned on romantic trails that starts and ends with a crush... mailtoairborne29th@aol.com

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Short Story
writing airborne29th
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