Where We Once Sat..by Michael

There was a slight chillin the air when the orange and yellow leaves blew around the park. It was apath on the way to work from Monday to Friday as I passed a park bench where anold man slept. He woke up when he smelled the hot coffee that I had left therefor him. It was just a kind gesture to a stranger that needed somethingthat morning. Friday came as I bought two toasted bagels and two cups ofcoffee, each for the old man and me. I turned around and waved and waved backat him as the smile on his worn and weary face made me feel good. We talked forthe first time when cold November winds blew around the park. It was onlybriefly and nothing much was said except for a hello, how you doing, andgoodbye. I bought the old man a pair of gloves for the upcoming winter monthsand he hugged me as if he had known me all of life. December brought somesnow during the week as I walked the path in the park on the way to work. Anambulance drove away from the bench he used to sleep on. The wind blew strongerand uncovered an old brown wallet from under a tree just a few feet away. Thecontents were an old Social Security Card, two faded dollar bills, and one oldblack and white photo. It was in his younger years that the picture was taken.He was holding hands with a woman that looked so much like my mom at a youngerage. I took it home and showed it to my mother. "Your father left mebefore you were born, I'm so sorry you have to hear this now". I wiped thetears from her face and said, "I just got to know him for a few shortmonths, so maybe our connection was meant to be once again". My vacation wasin December as one Saturday morning I sat on a bench and thought about him. Thepark was crowded that day, but nobody else saw an old man sit next to me. Heshared some coffee and a toasted bagel as he said, "you will always be myson". I replied, you will always be my dad"...


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Short Story
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