Where They Needed To Go To..by Michael
Beverly missed her regular scheduled train ride to work. That would make her about a half late which didn't sit well with her. She arrived in the city and instead of taking the usual bus, it was decided to hail down a cab ride to make up for the lost time. The man standing next to her asked if he could share the ride with her as it turned out they were both headed towards the same office building. Perfect circumstances for each as they hopped into the cab together and arrived only ten minutes late for their jobs. Benny saw her in the company cafeteria and approached her table. She invited him to join her for lunch. It was quite amazing how he also missed his train and that they both ended next to each other looking for a cab ride. They happen to get out the same time from work as Benny asked her if she would like to stop for a few drinks since it was now Friday evening. Beverly accepted and the two them had a wonderful night together. The train ride in became more enjoyable as they sat together as planned ahead of time. A whole year passed by and at the company Christmas party, he proposed to her. Beverly accepted. Maybe we miss our scheduled train for a reason. Probably because a more important journey was need. Case in point in a short love story about Beverly and Benny, where a shared cab ride took them way beyond where they needed to go... airborne29th@aol.com

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Short Story
writing airborne29th
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