Where Seeing Is Believing..by Michael
Andrea was born blind at birth. A world to see out there, yet not for her. She learned how to read through brail and in later years got around with a seeing eye dog. Andrea was about to cross the street for a weekly familiar visit to the local supermarket. It was the first time her dog had seen a cat. He tugged on the leash as she lost her grip, left stranded in the middle the street with oncoming traffic. Her last recollection of that moment was a honking horn and the screeching of tires. She woke up in a hospital with only a few bruises on her elbows and knees. A visitor who stayed with her from the beginning until she woke explained what happened. "My name is Andy as I was right behind you crossing the street. I pushed you out of the way of an oncoming car as you passed out. Then I brought you here as I also retrieved your dog". Andrea just reached out in front of her and hugged the stranger as she cried for saving her life. Him and her and the dog got along just fine as they started to date each other on a regular basis. Andy surprised Andrea one year later on Christmas Eve with an engagement that was excepted. They both cried as he prayed to God that she could see again. Amanda wiped the tears from her eyes and the world around her suddenly came into focus. God smiled down upon them as his wish was granted...Maybe we cross a street at the wrong time, yet in a way it was supposed to be the right time. Case in point in a short love story about Andrea and Andy, where seeing is believing.... airborne29th@aol.com

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Short Story
writing airborne29th
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