Where It All Started..by Michael
Gail and Gregory met in the cafeteria during their freshman year in high school. They got to know a little about each during that one hour lunch break. Many things in common were shared along with two classes they were in together. The dating began as both her and his parents liked what they saw. It was quite uncommon and unusual, yet Gail and Gregory remained boyfriend and girlfriend through all four years of high school. Fate had it however that they were accepted to the college of their choice in different states. This distance of separation had them eventually lose touch with each other. Ten years had now passed by as a high school reunion would soon be attended. Twenty eight year Gail and twenty year old Gregory decided to attend. They recognized each other after from across the room as a last slow dance was about to be played. An oldie from back in their senior year was played. It used to be their favorite romantic slow song. The former couple walked towards each other, and without saying a word they started to dance. She cried on his shoulder which made him hug her even tighter. Both sets of parents decided to move back to the state they originally came from. They knew it was something that would make their daughter and son very happy. One year later the bride kissed the groom as mom and dad cried. A slow old favorite song was played by the live band. She cried on his shoulder which made him hug her even tighter... Maybe time and distance take a bounce back to where it all started. Case in point in a short love story about Gail and Gregory, when it was decided to go back to where it all started... airborne29th@aol.com

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Short Story
writing airborne29th
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