The Michael
Kevin traveled the winding country roads of Pennsylvania. He was on the way to a summer resort for a two week vacation. It started to rain so he slowed down and took each curve carefully. A young female hitchhiker stood on the side of the road with her arm outstretched and a thumb up. She looked about sixteen or seventeen years old and was bleeding from the forehead. A back pack was strapped to her shoulders and there were tears in her eyes. Kevin stopped the car and offered to take her home. He took out his handkerchief and pressed it to her wound and then began to talk to her. Karen relayed what had just happened to her. She was on the way home from school when her car skidded off the road during a rainstorm. Directions were given to him how to get her back home as it was only about five miles down the road. "Turn off here and go straight ahead to that farmhouse on the dirt road ahead of you", she said. Kevin stopped his car and knocked on the front door. Her parents answered as he took them to his car to see their daughter once again. Karen wasn't there and no trace of her could be found. Mom and dad invited him into their home and explained as best they could what had just happened. Their daughter was coming home from school one day on a rainy afternoon. A head on collision took her young life away. "Many others have brought her back here as she was just trying to get back home", they said. Kevin left with a heavy heart and a puzzled mind as to what had happened. He took his vacation and then drove back home. A bloodied handkerchief was found on the front seat next to him. "I made it back home, thank you Kevin" was written on it. Maybe a stranger picks up a hitchhiker who finally reaches the destination she was supposed to go to. Mom and dad him called him on the phone and confirmed the message he had just found!...Case in point in a short love story about a stranger, a hitchhiker, and parents waiting for their daughter to return....

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Short Story
writing airborne29th
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