Nurse Michael

Thedoctor held up an x-ray and explained to me as best he could what it meant. Mynine year old son three to six months to live, which is what it boiled down to.The visits to the hospital were heartwarming and depressing at the sametime, which neither could be explained. Jimmy's face was pale but he spoke tome often for minutes at a time. The tubes and wires and monitors were doing thebest they could. He held my hand until his grip loosened up as he fell asleep.On my next visit he said, "daddy, the most wonderful nurse has beentalking to me when you weren't here". I smiled and told him that all ofthe staff is doing the best they can to keep him comfortable and cheer him up.My son told me that she said all will be alright and he will be leaving thehospital next week. I tried to hide the tears with a big smile as I said to mylittle boy, "I know you will son, I'm sure of it". It was the end ofthe fifth month and I knew my son was going to pass away. Jimmy suddenly got excitedas his favorite nurse came into the room. The monitor showed the waves of hisvital signs go flat. The nurse put her hand on my shoulder and said, "hewill be alright, and tomorrow morning he is all yours". I saw her longblonde hair flop down the nurse's cap as she walked away. Her nametag fell tothe floor and I picked it up. It said "Nurse Angelina". His eyes werecrystal blue and his pale gray skin was suddenly pink again. The monitor showedall vital signs normal and no traces of cancer was to be found in the upcomingtests. The doctors shook their heads in disbelief at what had just happened. Iraced around the hospital with a nametag and a description of the nurse on dutythat evening. No records and no such person were employed by Mercy Hospital,then or in the past. I took my son Jimmy home that following morning with anametag clutched in my hand. The last three letters were missing, as all thatwas to be seen read Angel...

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Short Story
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