It Was Michael
Eleven year old Evelyn got the surprise of her life from mom and dad. Abirthday present that would be her very first pet. She unwrapped the gift and in a small carrying casewas a baby kitten. It meowed and was immediately but gently picked up by thehappy little girl. Her parents smiled as they knew their daughter made a lovingconnection right away with her new pet. A big smile and hugs was Evelyn's thankyou to mom and dad. They showed their daughter where the litter box was, thecat food, and the water bowl which needed to be changed every day. It wasn't achore, but a labor of love as Evelyn took care of her new lovely kitten. Fluffythe name given to her as she responded whenever her name was mentioned. Shewould jump up onto Evelyn's bed and cuddle with her as she purred with delightuntil they both fell asleep. In the morning the little girl would be awakenedwhen Fluffy would brush her little tail against her face. That meant it wastime for fresh food and water. Evelyn petted her head and kissed her littleprincess every morning as the bond and love grew between them. The now twentyone year old was about to move out of her parents home. She took her now adultcat with her. Fluffy died of natural causes from age and health issues. Evelyncried as the love of her life was now gone. Five years later a bowl of freshfood and water was placed in the kitchen as was done before. Evelyn went tosleep as usual with a special prayer for her beloved Fluffy. A meow was heardthe next morning and Evelyn felt a tail brush up against her face. The shadowfigure of a cat was seen walking back and forth between the two bowls. It wasFluffy...

Maybe we hear, feel, andsee things that confirm that love never dies. A visit that was answered in aspecial prayer, by one who asked, and one who answered. Case in point in ashort love story, where in this tearful but loving journey, it was Fluffy....

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Short Story
writing airborne29th
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