A Shade Of Blue..by Michael
Angela loved to use her box of crayons for her coloring books. At ten years old she discovered her favorite page that was colored in before. It was of a bride and groom at an outdoor wedding. Maybe a dream of most young girls her age. A shade of blue especially impressed her of the sky she had colored in. This was what made her carefully cut out that page with a small paper scissors. It was saved throughout her future years as a reason soon to be discovered. Angela met Andy at the high school graduation dance. They hit it off quite well and decided to see each other more often. This continued through college as they attended the same school. A first trip to a bar was attended by both as they sat next to each other and shared their first drink together. Angela and Andy talked about old times while growing up. It was discovered that each of them both had a special passion for their crayons and coloring books. Angela opened her fairly large pocket book and took out a cut out page that was saved from a long time ago. Andy's eyes opened wide in quite an amazing look. He then opened his back pack and took out the exact same page that was saved by her. A shade of blue was a perfect match in both of their saved pages. Two years later their was an outdoor wedding. The bride and groom looked up at the sky, as Angela and Andy smiled at a shade of blue....Maybe crayons, coloring books, and cut out saved pages has a way of bringing two people together. Romantic trails often start at a young age and continue into our adult life. Case in point in a short love story about Angela and Andy, where something comes to life in the form of a shade of blue..... mailtoairborne29th@aol.com

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Short Story
writing airborne29th
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