A Pair Of Roses..by Michael
Beverly walked into the flower shop and treated herself to a single red rose. An occasion reserved to Valentines Day which usually is bought for someone else. However she never met that someone else yet. It was placed in a vase with water and sat on the kitchen table. A reminder of her loneliness before she went to bed. One evening next month she met a man at a dance club as they seemed to get along and hit it off just fine together. Bobby invited her over for lunch one Saturday afternoon. She noticed a single red rose in a vase on the kitchen table as they ate together. "You must be a lucky guy to receive that nice gift from someone special". He replied, " Nope, it was a gift to myself last month on Valentines Day". She smiled and shed a tear at the same time of his similar circumstance he was in. They never left each other as love blossomed in place of former wilted roses. The color theme was red at their wedding and the flower arrangements were just as you guessed it should be. A vase with a pair of roses sat on their kitchen table at their honeymoon suite...Maybe romantic trails takes us from the flower store, to a kitchen, then a wedding table, and finally a honeymoon. Case in point about a short love story between Beverly and Bobby, where similar attractions start and end with a pair of roses... airborne29th@aol.com

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Short Story
writing airborne29th
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