A Final Ride Home
Celeste met Charley while browsing new cars in a showroom. Both had found just what they wanted. It was a full hour that they were there and took a liking to each other from just the casual chat that was exchanged. She gave him her phone number and he called Celeste two weeks later. That Friday night he was invited over for dinner at her place which was only a twenty minute drive away. The attraction became more intense and she invited Charley for a ride in her brand new car. He returned her kindness with an invitation to his place the following weekend for dinner at his apartment. She also enjoyed a ride in his brand new car as both had made the right decisions. Thirty two year old Charley and thirty year old Celeste became a serious couple after two months of dating. She finally invited him to meet her parents as he accepted. It was a big step for approval for something special to continue. They got into her car this particular Friday evening. It was a twenty minute drive just outside the city where they lived. Celeste parked her car on a deserted country road and asked Charley to step outside. "We need one more ride to get there", she told him. He was confused but patient and waited with her for only a minute. A silver glowing saucer shaped object landed off the road on a grassy field to the left of her car. It took off with the happy couple. On another planet they landed as she took him to meet her parents. They were impressed and accepted Charley into their lives. A wedding took place one year later somewhere he never expected to be. Maybe distance and different worlds are not really that far apart. Love seems to be a universal concept no matter where one lives. He resides over there where worlds apart and true love are only a short distance away. Case in point in a short love story about Celeste and Charley and a final ride home....

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Short Story
writing airborne29th
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