A Centerpiece..by Michael
Roberta looked at the centerpiece on her kitchen table. It was a simple rose in a vase of water. She decided to take it with her on vacation for a one week stay at a summer resort only forty five minutes away. Naturally of course, a fresh new rose would be placed in the vase for the trip there. She unpacked her car after checking in and made it time for the first meal of day which was breakfast. That meal and dinner was served as everybody was on their own for what to do in a choice for their own lunch habits. Rodney was delayed by traffic and missed breakfast when he arrived. However he made up for it at the outdoor pool which had a snack bar that served hot dogs and burgers. That was where Roberta and Rodney first met each other. They got along and enjoyed each others company that afternoon. Plans were made for after dinner to meet at the indoor lounge for the entertainment of the evening. At the dinner table, Roberta noticed a vase with a rose in it just about five tables away. She got up out of being curious and walked over to that table. Rodney was sitting there with a centerpiece he had brought from home also. They talked about this strange coincidence and then decided it wasn't just that. Maybe it had a reason for being there. Breakfast and dinner was now sat at the same table by the both of them. The rest of the week was spent together. Their relationship grew and in the near future something very special happened. It sat in the center of their wedding table in the form of a vase with water containing a simple rose....Maybe romantic trails has us take something to a place where the other does it also. Case in point in a short love story about Roberta and Rodney, where romance was always there in the form of a centerpiece.... mailtoairborne29th@aol.com

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Short Story
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