Unconditional Friendship
The thing I love about our friendship is that it lacks the drama of some friendships.  We have had many opportunities to create drama in our relationship with each other.  I feel we are such great friends because we are equal in our respect, admiration, and love for each other.  It's mind-boggling to me the span of time and space of our friendship: over twenty-years now and many, many miles and countries later.  Even though we would go years sometimes without speaking,  we could and did pick up the phone and it would be just like that far off time when we would go to each others houses and just open the fridge.  The touch stone of our friendship has given me strength to endure some very unendurable events.  I cherish the craziness of the good times and the solidness in the bad.

I so love where we were and  where we are despite the unlikeliness of our friendship.  I am very grateful for that chance meeting in the Pub where we found we were going to the same base.  Very cool that we've stayed friends while others I was closer too at the time have fallen by the way side.  I'm so grateful we are friends for a lifetime and not of a season.  At the time, I had no idea the great fortune that was given to me.  I am now.

My first memory of you was the spectacular set of calves walking by the shower stall to take a shower down the row.  I just found them impressive.  That's probably so weird to say but I think I could appreciate the hard work it took to achieve them.  Then we met each other right before we left Panama, and began a tentative friendship.  There was that football game in the rain, I think, with popcorn. 

Those first few years, playing volleyball, flag football,  that damn step machine.  I hated that step machine.  I should be grateful to it now or I would really be a tub of lard.  I can't forget your driving me to the hospital with my puking kid making you gag at the steering wheel.  Oh my God, that scared me so bad.  I thought I'd lost my little girl.  She was in the hospital for three days with pneumonia either from the charcoal they made her swallow or the lighter fluid we thought she might of ingested. 

I so appreciated you coming to my wedding.  It was so great to see you.  I was so proud of you when just a few years later my family and I attended your graduation from Officer's Training School.  I admire your strength and resilience in all that you have accomplished.  You could have an inflated ego, but you don't.  You are still as real as the day I met you so long ago.

I was so honored when you came and hung out with us in Thailand.  I loved that you got to know my husband and I got to know your amazing little girl.  Fast forward a few years, and you only live a couple of hours away.  You have no idea what your friendship the last few years has meant to me.   I still love and respect you my friend.

OneVoice   OneVoice wrote
on 4/8/2013 10:05:06 AM
Your shared thoughts 'resonate' with me. Well said!

Elton4562   Elton4562 wrote
on 4/3/2011 6:57:08 PM
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Serendipity   Serendipity wrote
on 4/1/2011 11:23:19 PM
I like how raw and intimate this is. I hope you gave this to your friend.

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A life long friendship is a treasured gift to get through the hard times.
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