The smell of Christmas
What do you smell at Christmas?

pine, the deep smell of the evergreen christmas tree. you used to could find this in every home and could smell it as you walked in the door. it was one of the high points of Christmas to go and pick out the BEST tree ever. the rich smell transports me to the forest where snow covers the ground and a mother doe lays with her new baby. the animals are all coming to see...yep the smell of the evergreen reminds me of Bambi. don't get me wrong i eat my share of deer meat, its good, but i always pray for a real good snow at christmas. doesn't everybody?
that is another interesting smell, the smell of snow. clean, crisp and cuddly. What? you have never smelled snow, well it is realxing, unless it is up you nose as a snow ball! that is cold and calls for hot apple cider! mmm that is another smell altogther! the sweet mixture of apple, spice and cinnamon with its warmth southing the throat as it rolls down to the tummy! you know apple cider is just right when you can feel it warm from mouth to stomach! of course the stomach reminds me of another obvious pies, cakes and turkey.
so what is your favorite smell of Christmas, mine is the smell of Joy. it seems that walls are temporarily withdrawn as a curtain to reveal love and acceptance if only for a short time. the argument and angry tempers are torn away for the sake of seeing the happy children open stockings and gifts, even though it is to see whose gift the children like best. hate and judgement are frozen with the frigid air to enjoy the festivities and food. no one seems to mind that tempers are held in selfishness to recieve what has been bought out of common courtesy and "have to".
I wonder how it feels to smell the best smell of christmas? the smell of total sacrifice and obedience....the smell of the creator...the smell of Jesus. love, joy and peace all in one! that must have been a good smell.
what do you smell at Christmas.

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