The notebook, garbage man and the cab.
Who? "garbage man" What? "notebook" Where? "prison"
The garbage man usually did not come until noon at our house, but i was still in a hurry to get back there. I would just die if my notebook went in that big ol' nasty trash truck...eeww! Although it probably would go in the front set of the trash truck for further inspection. If the guy recognized it as an apple notebook bag. "can't you drive any faster mister cab man? "
That notebook has all and I mean all my thoughts, fears and worries on it. All of my poetry, prayers and studies, my private thoughts. Editor notes not meant for public veiw! It is full of everything that is me!  Trash guy he would take it in a new york minute i  tell you, he is always going through our stuff...i've watched him do it. He did time up at the prison on the other side of town for theft. I know because i did thearticle up in the paper for it.
Prison is where i would be if someone, the wrong someone got their hands on it! Not real prison ofcourse, just that you-do-what-i-say-or-i-tell -veryone-what-you-really-think kinda prison. I told all the details of his story, he would love to tell something on me.
come on! just pass that car and go, go, go.
oh....what if he comes early. Just two more blocks. Another corner. jumping out of the cab, oh here is your money.
pulling out trash bags, looking looking..........where is it? oh my goodness someone has gotten it before the trash man!!!  who could it be!!?
Maybe the trash man has taken my notebook and left the trash in all his excitement.  I AM DOOMED!! I  SOO RUINED!!
(speaking to cab man) Not now dude, i'm having a death moment here do you mind.
Geeeze he could be headed to the newpapper right now to give them something juicy on me. Wait he could never figure out my password...could he?
looks around trash cans and replaces the bags. notices the cab has not left. The cab driver is standing by the cab.
turns around to face the cab driver....."you forgot you bag ma'm." he says with a silly smile as if he knows what you were looking for.
you take the bag, that has your notebook safely inside, and tip him generously as you thank him.
While the cab pulls away you can help but wonder...........was i talking to myself in that cab or outloud.

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a columnist is frantic thinking her notebook and bag are in the trash at home. she has had her cab return home so she can retrieve her valued electronic item. illusions of prison and being embarassed by the notebooks contents runs throughout the story. very short and humorous.