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     Only a sound.  In her minds eye she pictures laying almost dead staring vacantly into the night sky as buzzards circle her naked body hungrily in anticipation of their next meal.  For now she can only feel the whirlwind of stifling air created by the beating of their silky black feathers stroking her pale sun deprived skin and imagine them tilting their featherless heads to gape at her from yellowed unconcerned eyes.  She knows the day will come soon though, and she both welcomes and dreads its arrival to blot out her existence and erase the name she has already forgotten.  After all she is no longer a person but a purpose, and a purpose doesn't have a name or a past, only a future, and the arrival of that future marks the completion of her destiny and fulfillment of that purpose -thus her finality.  Her mind wanders at the thought of it, “her finality”.  She takes a shallow breath and pushes that human fear that creeps into her depths at its consideration by reminding herself of the honor of being chosen to be the fictilis- the earthen vessel and she becomes detached from that nagging human side once more.
     Finally she can sense the daybreak putting holes in the coldness of the evening, warming her motionless shell and the entrapping wing sent wind.  This marks a big step towards the purpose, her “death” to create life.  A humming joins the warmth and finds its way into her head.  Its softness comforts her and allows the fear to be replaced with pride and determination.  They are closing in she thinks and inwardly smiles as the first lands at her side and looks hungrily down its sharp unwieldy beak questioning her purity and her faith.  Contented he screeches pleasurably and swiftly tears an opening into the thin flesh of her neck - readying her.  The others follow making their marks.  She can do nothing but free her mind and allow the pain to become a reward and reminder of her purpose.  Then a darkness encompasses her and a form looms from above, larger than the others.  Its eyes full of fire and the father.  He alone strikes impassible fear into her heart and it consumes her soul squeezing it like a python until she cannot stand the abyss any longer and allows the blackness to take her into its eternity.

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