I Love You's And Goodbye's

The train whistle blew...

Rain fell softly as they walked in silence to the station.  Paul knew Christine was leaving for good.  He did not know what to say that would make a difference, she had made up her mind, and it was time to say goodbye. 

Christine purchased the ticket to her new life, a life where Paul could not join her.  They stood together on the platform without speaking.

Memories of the past flooded Paul's mind as he looked down at Christine's face.  They had spent so many days together, perhaps one or two nights, but that was not the gauge by which they measured their relationship.  A connection like neither one had ever had before, friends as close as any could hope to be... but now she was running away.  He searched her eyes for the answer, but found only more questions.

Christine felt uncomfortable under Paul's knowing gaze.  He did not need to speak. She knew what he was thinking.  She knew he wanted to protect her, he had told her so.  He was more than just a friend, he was strength and security, and he told her how much he loved her every time his eyes met hers.  It was for this reason; Christine could not look at him now. 

Finally Christine offered...  "I'll write."

To which Paul responded...  "You won't."

Christine's eyes filled with tears...  "I'm so sorry."

Paul took her hand...  "Don't be sorry.  Whatever it is you are looking for, I hope you find it, but I have to move on.  I cannot wait for you forever."

Silence enveloped them again.

The conductor announced the boarding of the train...  Christine picked up her bag, while still keeping a tight grip on Paul's hand.  She did not want to let go, she did not want to stay.  She did not know what she wanted.

"Well, I guess this is it."  Christine said.  The fear that she was making the biggest mistake of her life was growing to immense proportions, but it did not overcome the delusion, that there might be something better waiting for her somewhere else.

"Have a safe trip, call when you arrive to let me know."  That was all Paul said.  Christine waited for him to say something else... but he did not.

She boarded the train and found her seat.  Looking out the window, she could see Paul standing on the platform looking at her with a longing in his eyes he could not keep hidden away.

As the train pulled away, Christine's heart filled with anxiety.  Then she felt her cell phone vibrating, the screen told her she had a new text message.  She opened the message and read...

"I love you."

Christine smiled through her tears.  Relief flooded her body; she was ready to face whatever the future held for her now... as the train whistle blew. 

©2008 Kristina-with a-K

danicpa68   danicpa68 wrote
on 6/16/2008 6:00:27 PM
Beautifully written. She had to see what lies ahead but I hope she didn't give up her true happiness.

StarPoet   StarPoet wrote
on 6/6/2008 10:31:13 PM
Nicely done. I like the way you told this and ended it.

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