No One Notices Shadows

Knowledge holds the key to everything, both good and bad. What would you do if you knew something that no one else in the entire world knew? Would you run to all the news outlets of the world and tell the world or would you keep it too yourself? What if that knowledge would change the world for better or worse? Well, I hold that knowledge. I wrestle with the truth on a daily basis. I ask myself those questions daily. Who am I, you ask. Why am I so special? I am a nobody, a peon like you. I have never done anything special. I can answer part of your questions very simply. I am Jonathon Drider. The rest of your questions I will try to answer. However, I want you to know this, once you hear what I have to tell you, your life will be endangered. More than likely you will die within the hour, unless you do exactly as I say. With that being said, let's go back to the beginning or at least the beginning of my tale.

If you know where to look, you can see the evil that is in the world. The evil is always there, night or day, rain or shine. Its there, you just have to know what to look for. Every person, every object has evil associated with it. I'm not talking about the evil that men do. This is a different kind of evil. It's with you right now. Even as I speak, it's plotting to kill you. I know that you have felt it and even seen it. Your shadow is the cause of the mysterious things that go bump in the night. Be very careful. Look out of the corner of you eye and you will see your shadow move when you are not moving. Your shadow is plotting to kill you.

Laugh at me all you want. I have seen things. No doubt, you have heard of people just disappearing with out a trace, the unexplained strangulations, and the unexplained murders that are in the news daily. The police never solve them, they just line the ever growing cold case files. I have seen the shadows do this to people. I learned the hard way about the shadows. You see, I killed my shadow.

I remember the time when I had a shadow. I remember waking up at night unable to breathe, as if someone was choking me. Or at other times, I would have some unexplained pain on a part of my body. I can see by the look in your eyes that you have felt these things too. The knowledge is scary isn't it? Look around you now and you will see the shadows trying to get to you. You can't hide from shadow. Even at high noon, you still have a shadow, just like you do in the darkest of night. Beware of the night, the shadows can move freely then.

When I was growing up, I had figured out something was up with the shadows. I had seen them move and kill, although I didn't understand it at the time. I would watch a bird or a mouse flee to the safety of a shadow only to be devoured by it, never to be seen again. I didn't really understand it then. It wasn't until my first school dance that I finally understood. I was with my girlfriend Wanda. We had danced to all the songs, both fast and slow. Most of our friends still stood within the shadows of the school gym, to scared to even talk to a girl or a guy. Eventually, we escaped the gym. We ran off behind some of the builds to kiss, we were only twelve at the time. That's all that we really knew about then. It was our first kiss too. We had been boy friend and girl friend all of our lives, you know, just the types who thought it was a big deal to hold hands and blush. We hid behind one of the buildings in the shadows of a street light. I still remember the taste of her lips. They tasted like cherry chapstick. We lost our selves in our kiss. I really wasn't sure when it started. I remember hearing Wanda gasp for breath about the time I started feeling something tightening around my neck. I will never forget the look in Wanda's eyes. I think at first she thought it was me that was choking her, until she saw me struggling for my own life. I struggled with the shadow desperately trying to pull it into the light.

What? How does one struggle with a shadow? That's simple; when shadows attack, they have a solid form.

I was able to make it to the light, not that it helped any. I ended up lying on my back with my shadow on top of me. Somehow, deep within, I found the strength to get my legs between me and my shadow and throw him off. I quickly got to my feet, ready to go help Wanda. I will never forget her eyes. I watched in absolute horror as the shadows devoured her. I say devoured because I don't know how else to explain it. She became a shadow, like the ones trying to kill me. As I stood there motionless, unable to do anything, even scream, watching my sweet Wanda become a shadow. You know, it doesn't take long for a person to become a shadow, all vile, twisted and evil. As soon as Wanda became a shadow, she along with the others moved to attack me. So I did what all normal people would have done. I ran. I ran, not to get help, I ran home, home to hide myself in my bed, hoping that I would wake up from this nightmare.

Why, you ask, didn't I tell someone, the authorities, or my parents? Would you have believed me if I told you that? I thought not. My parents? Oh, that's funny. You see my parents as usually were drunk or high or both. They didn't know I went to the dance, they didn't even know when I got home. They were like always deep within some kind of trip. So, I couldn't tell them.

By morning, nothing had changed. I didn't wake up from a nightmare. It had just gotten worse. Wanda's parents had noticed that she didn't come home. They called the cops and a search was done all night. It seems that someone from the dance remembered that I left with her during the dance. I awoke to the cops talking to my tripped out parents, wondering what I had done to Wanda. My parents, you see, were always too eager to believe everyone else before they would believe me. So, when push came to shove, they along with the cops said that I killed my beloved Wanda. Through all of this exchange between my parents and the cops, I watched from my bedroom window, hidden from view. It was then that I noticed the shadows. This time the shadows were not devouring the people but controlling them. I could see tendrils of spider's webs going into the cop's heads. I followed the tendrils with my eyes the shadows above the barn. That's where I saw the nest of shadow spiders, moving the tendrils of webs going to the cop's heads. With every twitch, the cops would do something. I knew that no one would believe me now, especially with the shadows controlling the cops. Who knew what else the shadows controlled.

I grabbed a few things that I thought I might need for survival. I took my smokes, a lighter, flashlight, knife, money, just a few things I could pack away in my backpack, nothing to heavy because I knew that I would have to run. I wanted to take my little sister away from this, but I thought that she would be safer there, at least for now. I ran out the back door. Luckily, no one noticed, except for my shadow. It was hard, I tell you, hard. You can't escape shadows. They are everywhere. No one notices shadows. Every time I passed a shadow, I could feel them watching, sometimes they would try to grab me but I would craftily slip away.

I really don't know what all was said about what happened to Wanda. I stopped at a small gas station a few days after I had left home. I needed to get a few supplies, things that I couldn't find on my on. I didn't notice the newspaper at first, not until I was leaving. The shopkeeper tried to detain me. He had already called the cops. He stood in front of the exit with his shotgun pointed at my chest. I saw the paper lying on the floor beside the counter. My picture was on the front page. I was wanted for murder, not just the murder of my beloved Wanda, but the murder of at least a dozen other kids. You know the kids that turn up missing, the ones that the shadows took. I dove behind one of the snack isles as the shot gun boomed. Once more, he fired the gun. I knew a little about guns, that one was just a standard double barrel shotgun. He would have to reload before he could shoot again. I could hear him moving around the store. I didn't know how much time I had before the cops came or even worse, the shadows came. I didn't want to kill the man, I wasn't sure if I could even if I had tried. I threw a coke bottle at him, not the plastic bottles that we have now, but he old heavy glass bottles. The bottle hit him square between the eyes. He went down like a rock. I hurried and took his gun and ammo; it might come in handy later, more supplies and all his money. I had to; I was a wanted man now.

I had barely left the store when I heard the sirens in the distance. Knowing what I knew, I couldn't trust any one; the shadows might be controlling them. I couldn't hide in the shadows as one on the run might hide. I learned how to hide from the shadows and from people. I lived like an animal; after all, I was only twelve.

It was quite by accident, that I learned that a shadow could die. It was late on cold wintery night. I finally had stopped somewhere, I'm really not sure where, in the mountains to build a little shelter from the snow and make a fire. I sat facing my fire trying to get warm, when my shadow attacked. Well, it wasn't actually my shadow, but rather the shadow that had been following me since the dance. Remember, I had thrown my shadow off of me the night of the dance. It was Wanda's shadow, or rather the shadow that took Wanda's form. When it attacked, I kicked at it, knocking it back into the fire. Somehow, the fire burned it, killing it. One of the worst sounds in the world is listening to a shadow scream. The shadow screamed as it died. All the shadows around my camp screamed as the shadow died. It took a long time for the shadow to die, probably much like watching a person burn, but without the smell. After the shadow was totally consumed by the fire, the other shadows left me alone. It was a long time before I saw a shadow again. Maybe the shadows did not know that they could die, or maybe they figured that no one would figure it out.

After that, the shadows left me alone for a while. Well, I guess I could say that the shadows themselves left me alone. I still had the cops looking for me. For the next several years, until I was sixteen, I wandered the country, learning how to hide. The shadows still kept watch on me. Every time I broke into a gas station or someone's home, I would see the paper. The shadows must control more than I had originally thought. Even now, years later, I am still on the front page of the paper, on the most wanted list. If I would have been just a normal person, I would not have been front page news for twenty odd years. It's the shadows, they are everywhere, no one notices shadows. Somehow, I was being blamed for every murder and disappearance now. Ever since the day of the dance, the mysterious disappearances have increased all over the world.

I lived in cave that I found on the edge of the desert for a while. I learned a lot in that cave. While exploring the cave, I found some old manuscripts. I don't really know how old they were, but somehow I could read them. The book was called the book of shadows. This book taught me everything that I didn't know about the shadows. I learned where the shadows came from, what they were, how they spoke, and more importantly how to destroy them.

Hmmm? Yes I know you want to know all about it, but right now you have other things to do. You see, they are coming for you now. They don't want you to know. You need to destroy your shadow before I can tell you more. If you don't, then they will get to you faster, and they can use you to find me. Still don't believe me? Hmmph, you will believe soon enough. Now, do exactly as I say. Banish the darkness from around you, make your room as bright as possible. Ok, now find your shadow. Yes, its running from you. Right now its scared of you. You have to be quick. The easiest way to grab it is to grab it by its leg. Got it? Good. Now pull it off of you. Be careful, your shadow is going to fight you and its really a fighter. Throw off your shadow into a corner. Now take a match and light it, then throw it on your shadow. You believe now don't you. Even I can hear the screams of the shadow, the burning metal sounding hiss. Now, you are free of your shadow. I have made a believer out of you haven't it. Huh? Oh, youll be safe for a while, the others wont bother you now that you know how to kill them. But, they will come eventually.

I haven't forgotten. The shadows are a creation of the Shadow Lord. The Shadow Lord is pure evil. He is one of the true powers, the Light being the other power.

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This tale from Abysalon will try to change your mind about your shadow.
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