No escape
Staring at his pupils in front of the mirror, his body was frozen but his mind was running a 100mps.His eyes were brown and he could see his reflection in them. At first it was a just normal experience but the longer he stood in front of the mirror the more strange the experience became for him. He started to realise that he existed and that he was not just supposed to live the way he was living.His thoughts where taking him to a place where he ran away from for a really long time. This was a place where he hid all his fears and now he was on a one way trip to this dudgeon that he created. He knew what he was going to face when he got there . All the pain and neglect that he had buried there would soon surface and he didn’t know how to deal with them all. He tried to move but for some strange reason unknown to him he could not seem to move a muscle . That was when he heard the voice in his head . It was laughing at him and it said :“Hahaha .Now you are mine! There is no escaping this time!” Josh had never been so scared in his life . He was stuck in front of a mirror looking into his soul and he couldn’t move his body. “ What kind of madness is this?” he thought to himself . “Today is the day that you finally face me. I have waited for you all these years and now we finally get to meet each other.” Replied the voice in his head. This was a very strange feeling for Josh because the voice in his head was his, he knew it was his but he couldn’t control the voice. It was as if someone was using his voice to communicate with him inside his head. “ Am I going crazy ?” he asked himself . He tried to open his mouth but his whole body was paralysed . He could see the fear in his own eyes as he stared into them. 

Suddenly , he noticed the lights in the room gradually became dim , this even scared him more and the voice wasn’t helping matters either cause all it did was taunt him with an evil laugh. He felt the hot liquid run down his pants as the fear made him pee all over himself. “Who are you and what do you want from me ?” He asked.“ Hahah, i am your inner child that you have neglected all this time and now am here to claim my rightful place.”

          Josh  was dumbfounded because  he somehow knew  that the  voice was  speaking  the  undiluted truth. He  had  been  struggling    with   a great  depression for a long time and he  looked for answers  everywhere  except within himself. “I am  very sorry  for my  negligence. I never really bothered to look within  because i was so focused on the  outside world. Forgive me. Is there a way for  us to recover  what  has been  lost ?” He replied as he watched the tears  roll down his light brown  skin.  The voice felt   his remorse and knew that he was ready to  make things right again. 

          After  his  mirror encounter  with his inner  child , he vowed to always look  within for answers  instead of focusing so much on the  exterior. This  was the first  step  to unlocking the greatness that laid within. He started to write down his  thoughts and inner most feelings. This  way  his inner  child  had a way of communicating with him and  together  they wrote lots of  amazing and  mind blowing  stories. 

           Like Josh   we all  tend to  have lots of questions about life . This is normal . What we  fail to realise is that everything that we need to become  great has been given  to us from birth but  society has played a great  role in making us forget or  disregard our inner child. We grow  up and  forget that we used to be children who were not  afraid to  try out new things. Remember  how long it  took you to take your  first steps or  say your first words? You tried for so long  without  quitting  until you were  successful. This  is how we are supposed to go thru  life, but  its  rare  for people to do  this  because like i said  earlier  society has  brainwashed the masses. 

       In order to regain  your full  potential   you need to set your  inner child   free again and  that combined with persistence, you can  achieve any  goal your heart  desires.

WraithScribbler   WraithScribbler wrote
on 2/9/2017 4:07:31 AM
Thanks for your comment. i really appreciate it . i will do my best to post more about the story, as i am new to writing this was just something i did to "test the waters" lol. Can you tell me what captivated you the most about the story ? Cheers :)

Flame82   Flame82 wrote
on 2/8/2017 4:03:35 PM
Very interesting and vivid. I wanted this story to continue. At the end of this I found myself asking. What made this start happening to him? What comes next?

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