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Who? "robber" What? "baseball bat" Where? "Castle"

 I am a thief, a professional thief. Don't ask me for my name, I wouldn't tell you the truth anyway. My targets are the rich and powerful. They usually do not report the crime because of the embarrassment that it causes. I also do not take everything that I can get my hands on. Just a few things of value. Things they are sure to miss. Things that are sure to cause considerable embarrassment to those people. Things that would reveal secrets that they do not want known.

I was hired by a strange woman to do what I do best, break in and steal from a house. I almost turned down the job due to the money that she was going to pay me. Let me say that I would not have to work another day in my life with what I was offered. That was telling me that this was probably something political. I have done jobs like that before, but this seemed different. I almost refused the job, but then she called me by my real name. She caught me off guard with that. So, I accepted the job and went to the address that I was given. The woman wants me to get an archaic style jeweled hair pin from a woman that owns a strange old style house.

The house was a strange one, I knew of the place from the rumor mill,but have never done a job there before. To say that the place is creepy would undermine the truth of what I was facing. The property is surrounded by a black wrought iron fence in the Gothic style. The house itself, well, castle would be a better word to describe it. Itis made from a dark gray stone. The roof is also a dark gray, darker than the walls. At night, the whole property is dark and the house looks black. The corners of the house literally had towers. Think of the castles that you see in old horror movies, this house is just like them, though on a slightly smaller scale. The windows of the place resemble those stained glass windows that you see on old cathedrals. The kind that make it almost impossible to see into the structure.

I made my way over the fence and half expected to see a moat. I did not see much in the way of security systems, no cameras or tripwires.I land softly on the grass and stay crouched looking for dogs. I also quickly check for motion sensors. I did not see anything. I find it hard to believe that there are no security systems in a place likethis. I creep towards the house thinking that this job was going to be a walk in the park, but I am unable to shake a nervous feeling that keeps creeping up my spine.

I creep through one of the ground level windows. The window was not locked and had no sort of security system on it that I could see. I stop for a moment to check my surrounding and to catch my breath and fight back the nervous feeling. The room that I am in looks like a study, I guess library would be a better word to use. I take a look at the books that line the walls, and think that I could probably retire by swiping a few of these. I find the door and exit into a grand hallway. The hall way is lined with paintings and tapestries. On my left, there is a black marble column with a jeweled dragon statue on it. The dragon is sitting there as a dog would just looking outward. I am looking at this statue with extreme interest, I just might take this as part of my fee.

I walk towards the closest of the dual staircases that I can see in the hall. I feel something fly past my head as I am walking. I stop and look around, but see nothing. I shake my head and continue onward and pass another column with a jeweled dragon sculpture on it. This one is standing on all fours and its neck is extended as if it is attacking. I stare at this wondering which one of the statues would fetch a higher price, but both were done with exceptional detail.

I continue on towards the stairs and again feel something fly past my head. I look around again and notice a jeweled dragon on the next column. I look behind me, but the shadows in this place are playing tricks with my vision and I am unable to see the one that I just passed. I walk up to this one that is sitting up and looking away.

Before I go any further with my tale, I want to say that now we are entering the part of the tale that no one will believe. I tell you all that this is the truth of what happened to me.

I am there studying this dragon, again wondering at its value when the thing turned its head and looked at me! It did not move slowly, like one would expect in movies. No, this thing quickly turned its head, looked at me, and smiled! I will admit that I screeched, and got to the stairs much faster than I originally planned to. I also climbed the stairs faster than originally intended as well. Something flew past my head as I was going up the stairs, and now I have a pretty good idea of what it is.

The thing was sitting on the top railing of the staircase, obviously waiting for me. I could see its tail moving as it was no longer trying to hide the fact that it could move. I froze where I was on the stairs.

“What are you waiting for? Come on up! The fun is just starting!”I heard some one say. I looked around for the source of the voice,and could see no one else around. My eyes drifted back to the moving statue.

“Well, what is the hold up?” It says when my eyes lock onto it.

I made the mistake of looking at its eyes. I could see the intelligence in them. I could see the mouth move and I could hear the sound of its words coming to me. I decided at that moment to do something intelligent. I turned and ran down the stairs. This time I did not feel it fly past my head, but it was waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs.

Now it was standing on two legs with its front claws on its hips and tapping its foot.

“Now, where do you think that you are going?” it asks me, “You can't leave yet, the fun is just starting!”

It started to run up the stairs at me! I turned and ran back up the stairs. I did not care where I went to at this time, I just wanted away from this thing. I ran down the first hallway that I came to and tried the windows. Yes, I was going to jump out the second story window. The window was, much to my dismay, locked. I carry a small baseball bat with me, just in case. I pull that out and strike the window, which of course does not break.

“Please don't do that, you'll break the window.” I hear a distinctly feminine voice behind me say.

I turn and see a woman about 5'6'', long black hair, pale white complexion, looking at me. She looks young, barely over 18, but her eyes tell a different story. Her eyes are hard and cold, and have an older appearance. To be honest, I found this beautiful woman to be more creepy than the thing that was coming down the hall. Her eyes seemed to peer into my soul and see all of the darkness within.

“What is it that you find so interesting in my home, thief?” She asks.

“I honestly had decided against taking anything from here.” I reply truthfully.

“Well, thanks to Razor, I'm sure you are looking for the fastest way out of here now, but you were here to steal something, what was it?” She says with a smile. The smile that I picture on a spider right before it catches something in its web.

I was about to lie and tell her nothing specific until I saw the very thing I came for in her hair. I must have been shaking like a leaf on a tree and she must have noticed my eyes staring at the object in her hair.

“Oh, you are here for this.” She states as she pulls the item out and shows it to me. It is exactly as the woman who hired me described it.

“I have many of these that are more valuable in the financial sense, but this one is valuable personally. You were here for this one specifically though.” She states.

I just nod my head in response, I now lack the ability to do anything else, one because I believe that this creepy woman would eat my soul if I opened my mouth, and the dragon was now sitting on a column right behind her.

“I can't eat your soul silly boy.” She says to me.

I am now beyond freaked and everything within me is telling me to run as fast as I can and not to come within miles of this place again, unfortunately my muscles also refuse to move, so I end up just standing there. One part of my brain is looking at the small baseball bat that is still in my hand and thinking that I could crush this small woman in front of me. The other part, the wiser part, is telling me that this bat would probably be completely useless against her.

“So,” At this point she calls me by my true name. Now she has my complete attention, and she has me crushed, and I believe that she knows it.

“You work as a professional thief, though your wife thinks you are an overnight security guard at the power plant. She does not know of your two girlfriends on the side. None of these women know of the others. None of them know how much money you truly have from your nightly excursions. Am I right so far?” She asks.

I just nod my head, there is nothing more that I can do. I just stand there as this creepy woman tells me of all of my hidden secrets. She knows of my first heist, she knows of my first wife which was killed when someone was looking for me. She knows everything.

“Is he the one that you seen coming over the fence, Razor?” She turns and asks the dragon behind her.

“Yes, he is, and he came into the house through the library window.” The dragon answers.

Now, I am confused. I did not see anything outside that resembled a camera, and I did not see the dragon.

“How did you know I was coming on the property? I did not see any security measures.” I say.

“Your senses would not have detected them, they are hidden from things that have much better senses than you do.” She replies.

“Beat it little boy, While I am feeling like being nice.” She says.

At that moment the dragon lets out a roar that I picture coming from a lion or tiger. That shakes me out of my immobility and I run as fast as I can down the stairs. I get to the door, and try it. To my vast relief it is unlocked. I run from the house as fast as I can. I try to put as much distance between this house and me as I humanly can.

I don't remember how far it was that I ran, but I finally stopped to catch my breath.

“Did you get the item I requested?” I hear a feminine voice from behind me.

I turn and see the woman that hired me for the job.

“No, and there is no way that I will ever go back there.” I replied.

She scowls upon hearing this news. She looks at me with a hatred that is visible and palpable.

“Humans.. always messing things up. Always failing.” She states to no one in particular.

“Go in there yourself then.” I said to her with an edge in my voice.

“Don't catch an attitude with me!” She growls as she grabs me by the neck with one hand, slams me against the wall of the building we were next to, and holds me suspended against it by my neck, “I would go in there and tear that miserable woman that lives there into little pieces if I was not barred from entering the property.”

She looks at me and I notice her eyes. They were completely black. I feel an uncontrollable fear overcome me. The fear paralyzes me. I am unable to struggle, unable to move. I can barely breathe because of the fear that paralyzed me. This was true terror. I thought I had felt terror in the house, nothing like this. I knew the woman and definitely the dragon were supernatural beings of some sort, but this woman is not of this world.

I whisper the words, “Lord Jesus please help me.”

I could barely hear myself, I was sure that this thing holding me could not hear them due to the racket that she was making. The effect of those words, however, were staggering. She immediately let me go, well, dropped me is more the word. She hissed at me, literally. Then she ran away.

I was sitting on the ground, panting to get as much air in me as possible. I sat there for a few minutes wondering what had happened.

I starting walking away, heading towards home at a slow pace. I was replaying in my mind all of the events that took place. I am unable to believe all that has happened tonight. I fully believe that I must have dreamed the whole thing. A black Cadillac pulls up beside me as I am thinking this. The woman from the house steps out and approaches me.

“You forgot this.” She says as she holds out an object to me. It was the small baseball bat that I carry. She heads back into her car and I see the small dragon waving to me as she drives off.

Back at the house, Sonja and razor sit at a table. Razor is eating a Big Mac and fries while Sonja sips on a lemonade.

“Looks like Gabriela is after the hair pin again.” Razor states.

“Yes, I still don't know why, after all this time, why she wants it.” Sonja responds.

“It must be truly important and must have some sort of power.”Razor adds, “I have searched all the avenues that I can and have found nothing about it.”

“We know where it came from. I just don't know why it is so important to her. We will have to find out. One day, one of these thieves that she sends here will succeed. I don't want to know what will happen after that.” Sonja says.

“What if our problem is looking for the wrong thing?” Razor says thoughtfully.

“What do you mean Razor?” Sonja asks.

“Well, she is the one looking for it, so it is important to her specifically. To everyone else it is nothing more than an expensive hair pin.” Razor explains.

“Interesting thought, Razor. Do you think you can find out?” Sonja asks.

“I'll do my best.” Razor states and goes back to eating his Big Mac.

Outside Sonja's house there is a woman with black hair and black eyes, fully black eyes staring at the small castle that Sonja and razor reside in.

“One day, Sonja, your centuries of existence will end.” She says towards the house.

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A master thief meets his match