Self Confidence
Father God, 
I come before you this morning with a heart of thanksgiving and praise.  Lord you are great and worthy to be praised!  I thank you for waking me up this morning and starting me on my way!  I thank you for allowing me the activity of my limbs Lord!  Father, I pray for all the churches open in the name of Jesus and I pray for the Pastor's over those churches.  Father I pray for all those who are actively seeking you and want to get to know you personally!  Lord I pray for my children, my grandchildren, my family and my friends.  Father, no matter what may come my way, I will bless your Holy name! Hallelujah, thank you Jesus!  I will forever allow your praises to continue to be in my mouth!

Lord, I praise your name in the good times and in the bad times.  In the dry season and in the plentiful season.  Not my will, but your will be done in my life!  I need you Jesus!  I give you the honor Lord God!  Yes, my soul say's Yes today Jesus!! Lord make me over again!   Remove anything in me that is not pleasing to you!  Jesus you are the center of my joy!  Lord make me over to be as you would have me to be.   Mighty Counselor, and the Lord of Lords is who I worship and I will continue to magnify you Lord - my God.   As I go though my day today I will remember who's I am!  Lord I thank you for giving my sisters back their lives, making them to be free of cancer Lord.  I praise your name Father today and everyday!  Lord, I pray for every person who will read this and be alright with it and I pray as well for those - who won't!  In the name of Jesus....Amen!

God Confidence – Self Confidence



I choose to trust God – no matter how I feel

I choose to build on my successes and not my failures

My dreams are not dependant on other people

God takes ordinary people to do extraordinary things


When God called Moses – Moses lacked confidence

But God told him not to be afraid because He was with him

God also told Joshua – not to be afraid

Gideon even lacked self-confidence


Jesus’ disciples lacked confidence too

When Jesus was captured, His disciples fled

In fact spiritually, all of His disciples were dead

Until Jesus filled them with His holy spirit


Jesus had to send an angel to prison

To tell Paul not to fear and

Over and Over again He told

King David not to fear


Self – confidence needs to come from within

Believe in yourself!

When you learn how to love yourself

Self –confidence increases

Trust God in all situations by stepping out

And practicing faith in God and

Doing what we believe He wants us to do!


Never sit around feeling sorry for yourself!

Keep your foot on the devil’s neck!

Believe Jesus’ word, fast and pray

You will have God – Confidence this very day!



penname   penname wrote
on 6/4/2008 4:52:51 PM
I like -I like -very much so. God Confidences is Assurance for sure. Reading this was my prayer as I was reading it aloud. Thanks for such inspirational work Warriorprincess. So uplifting so true Someone, if not all needed to read/hear/see this today.

writing Warriorprincess55
We have the power to change our lives.

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